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petition to create SFW /b/

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There should be a seperate SFW /b/. Bump this thread to sign

I have not had sex in 3 years

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Can 4chanpass help me get the bitches

Is /fit/ a troll board now?

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Is fit now a troll board like soc and fa? Im not there much but every time I ask questions there I get like troll answers, people like upset that Im trying to do anything
>You have a question about your workout?
>Youre a dumb fatass just workout more duh

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Why do Preteena threads get automatically deleted on /co/?
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Palestinian oppression

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The abuse of the Palestinians by evil oppressors must end.
How long will this continue?
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Image related, I learned this, this month.

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What did you learn this month: Image related, I learned this, this month.

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Conspiracy thread - Freud edition

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Draw thread
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