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Everyone loves Yeji. Very true.
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I'm making a video game.

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I am making a video game.
My previous Days were logged on /agdg/ but I didn't like that place as the general was too fast and too schizo.

Day7: Built out volume controls that actually change when you slide them.
Also changed some themes for the drop down menus with buttons.
Created the keybind menu and got pictures of controllers and keyboards ready.
Next I will actually "do" the binding, which means I will have to figure out how to read/write keybind data to their local pc.
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Joe Biden is a Pussy-Bitch

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How many dislike having a little Pussy-Bitch as a President?

To me it is a big embarrassment.
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Cool Songs

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Just found this song using Shazam and a random Instagram cat post.

Feel free to share cool songs you find!
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Evil beyond imagining

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The U.S. Government is one of the most evil entities ever to exist. They stage things like 9/11 and mass shootings to make it easier to take away our guns.
Imagine what evils they will unleash once we are sufficiently disarmed.
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/balt/ - /vip/ edition thread

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kick the tranny mods

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why are there trannys on the mod team?
>picrel tranny mod having a shitfit because i hurt their feelings
>didnt even break any rules
looks like he posted with my IP/pass somehow too.
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Does anybody know how to get 4chan pass working with ExpressVPN? Every ten minutes Express VPN changes my IP and I have to wait fifteen minutes to log back in with my pass

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Eat this weiner
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