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/MOTU/ Masters of the Universe General: Wrrrrrrrrrry

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Newer News:
- motu bear bricks
- origins whiplash wave in stock at bbts
- mcx multi pack with orko shipping
- movie He-man and Skeletor revealed
- new Amazon listings for origins and masterverse figures

News from. Previous Thread:
MCX Battle for Eternia II coming soon with Orko, Whiplash, and Wun-Dar
9/10-9/11 Preorder made to order Grizzlor from Mattel Creations and Origins Wun-dar on 09/28-09/30
- MOTU Little People Creations V2 preorder up
- Origins Eternia Playset coming soon to Mattel Creations order date TBA
- Camo Khan Origins TBA
- He-Man origins 40th Ann pack with Origins styled Filmation, NA, Mike Young, and Netflix He-Man with chrome swords order date TBA
- Skelcons TBA
- Motu x FallGuys tba
- Target Exclusive Sun Man available MCX Snake Mountainnd New Adventures He-Man
- Sun-Man & the Rulers of the Sun 3 pack with Pig-Head, Flat-top Sun Man, and Space Sumo
- Walmart Origins Roton in stores
- Digitino, Randor, Whiplash, and comic Trapjaw SOON
- Snake Men Origins wave: Snake Armor He-Man, Bolt Man, Kobra Khan (no gimmick, just effect piece), and Rattlor (rattle, but no springload strike gimmick, just extra neck parts)
- King Hiss revealed, retains most of the original gimmick
- Netflix Mer-Man, Hordak, Skeletor on “Battle Bones”, “Stridor” and Moss Man revealed
- Origins leak list: Spikor, Sssqueeze, Snake Trooper, Snake Teela, Serpent Claw MAA, 200X “Rando”


Thread Question:
How would you update a vehicle not released yet in origins?