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/52g/ 52toys General: Summer Desert Kats Edition

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I was at the Wal-Mart and walking through the clearance section I noticed they had a bunch of the two least desirable He-Man figures on sale for $5 each, down from their original $24.97.
They had "Buzz Saw" Hordak and a black guy called Clamp Champ.
They had a couple of WWE He-Man toys as well for $5, a bunch of Bill Goldbergs, a bunch of Stephanie McMahons, and an Ultimate Warrior, but I didn't get any of those.
Anyone have these and can describe just how bad they are?
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Admit It Cowards

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G1 megatron that becomes a tank would be a fun masterpiece, and less annoying the walter mode.

>but kibble
Pylons are fine, just make sure they have sliding wheel covers, or flip inside the pylons/body.

>but not toon accurate
You already have mp-36 and xtransbots is making megatron

>but you already have that
Only from the bumblebee movie.

>you can't change alt modes
See bumblebee
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/fng/ - Fortnite General?

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I haven't seen anyone mention these figures on /toy/. Over the past week. I purchased pic related, and love these guys. I've never played Fortnite a day in my life, but these toys are just plain fun, and seem to be far and away better than Marvel Legends or Lightning Collection figures. Pinless joints, tons of unique sculpting, great accessories, and a boatload of paint make these an easy purchase for me.

I've only dipped into the Hasbro Battle Royale line, but after a bit of research, I see that Jazzwares has a bunch of 6 inch figures. What's the consensus on those?
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Toku General

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B-Fighter Kabuto Edition

>September releases:
FRS Ultraman Suit Tiga
FRS Kamen Rider Skull
DX Desire Driver
DX Zombie Raise Buckle & Raise Buckle Holder
DX Shield & Arrow Raise Buckle Set
DX Zero One Driver Raise Buckle
DX Magnum Shooter 40X
RCF Kamen Rider Geats Magnum Boost Set
DX Terra Phaser

>September exclusives:
CSM OOO Driver Ver.10th
SHF Kamen Rider Espada Arabiana Night
SHFSS OOO Tajador Eternity
SHF Ultrawoman Grigio

Upcoming releases:

SHF Don Momotarou
RCF Boost Striker Entry Set
Surprise Mission Box 001 & DX W Driver Raise Buckle Set
Hatena Mission Box 002
DX Zombie Breaker
DX Spider Phone
SHF Ultraman Decker
SHFSS Wizard 10th ver

Upcoming exclusives:

Akibaranger 10th Anniversary Set
DX Genm Musou Gashat + Thousand Ark & Dan Kuroto Progress Key
DX Mighty Novel X & Bang Bang Tank Gashat
DX Vistamp Selection 03
SHF Kamen Rider Thunder Gale Revice
SHF Kamen Rider Ark Zero
CSM Lockseed Helheim Set
DX Weekend Driver
SHF Kamen Rider Sabela
SHF Kamen Rider Genm Musou Gamer
SHF Kamen Rider Zero Two Izu ver
SHF Space Sevenger
DX Nouto Brace Set
CSG Titan Sword
DX Demons Trooper Vistamp
CSM Birth Driver & X Unit
DX NinjarkSword
SHFSS Kamen Rider V3
SHF Kamen Rider Aguilera
Ultra Replica Beta Capsule
DX Fifty GaleVistamp
Giant Lovekov plush
Zenkaiger Geartlinger MEMORIAL EDITION
Gokaiger Gokai Tsuiker Unit
DX Vistamp Selection 04
DX Chimera Driver & Juuga Driver
CSM W Driver 1.5 Futo PI EDITION
SHF Twokaizer
DX Don Robotaro Enhanced Version & Departure Set
SHF Glitter Trigger Eternity

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Maybe a stupid question, but does anyone know of a good toy of the Honda City Turbo that could be customized into a more realistically-scaled version of pic related?
I know there's a Hot Wheels but it's got a sunroof and I don't particularly like the look of the front bumper and fenders. Never really tried anything like this before so trying to patch a sunroof in die-cast metal is a bit beyond me.

Anime Heroes figures

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Some new stuff dropped. Digimon wave is out, apparently there was supposed to be one more series added this year. What else do you want to see added in the future?
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When did you stop unironically playing with toys?

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Pretty late here, like 17 or so. I was a friendless autismo tho.
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Who’s in your Smash Bros Collection?

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I have all these and a bunch of Mario characters. Who else is available to add? Looking for some 4-5 inch Minecraft Steves / Alexes too. Thanks, all.
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LooseCollector / Executive Replicas Figures - Hellwitch Final Figure

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New video showing off the final version of the Hellwitch figure. Got to say, it looks really really nice! Paint looks good, shading on the skin is much improved over Taarna, and they modified the arm articulation. No more hideous straight cut through the bicep and a single elbow. Now its a swivel hinge at the elbow only and it looks so much better. I hope they keep that and carry it through the other figures.
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