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Four Horsemen General - All-Stars 5 preorder Closes September 4th!

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>Mythic Legions: All Stars 5

Preorder open NOW! The 5th installment of "All Stars" is open for preorder at Preorder closes on 9/4 at 11pm EST!

The first two shipments of Illythia figures have arrived at the warehouse, and the next one is arriving soon. Due to the size of this wave, we will be receiving it across multiple shipments over a 4-6 week period.

>Cosmic Legions - Hvalkatar: Book Two, Gravenight
Test shots of these have been shown and work on the paint masters and packaging is beginning! We expect to have these in our warehouse in late Q4 2022 or early Q1 2023.

>Figura Obscura: Krampus - RED Retailer Exclusive
These will be shipping to retailers soon for a December 2022 delivery to customers!

>Mythic Legions: POXXUS
Tooling is currently underway. Expected to ship from factory Q1/2023

>Cosmic Legions Hvalkatar: Book One Book Two, Gravenight
In tooling now. Expected to ship from factory Q4/2022-Q1/2023.

The Deluxe Builder 2-packs (male and female orcs and elves) are due to ship to the game team for fufillment in Q3. It will take 4-6 weeks to arrive to their facility and fufillment will begin after that via their team. Gorga/Attila 2-packs with follow a few months later and all items are slated to be fufilled to backers by the end of the year.

Shipping on this wave has begun! We are still waiting on the "All Ins" and the half-giant figure and accessory pack. Those are due in within the next month and they will be added to our shipping queue as we work to get all these orders out!

if you have any problems with the items you’ve received, please contact our new customer service email address [email protected]

>Official Website

>Official Store

>Last thread
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Ben 10 thread?

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Discuss your favorites, all toys welcome. I was always really fond of the alien creatures subline. It didnt last long but the few beasts that came from it were incredible. It always irked me that none of these designs saw use in any of the shows. Some could have easily functioned as natural predators and others as Animo's amalgam creatures.
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A thread about toys!! Last one hit the image limit.
Watching TV edition!

Anything you want to post is fine, as long as you enjoy posing and taking a picture of it.

Oh by the way there was a lot of cool shield walls on the last one, thanks everyone!

P.S. Balance poses always welcome.

previous thread.
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/dbg/ - Dragon Ball General

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Son Gohan - Battle Clothes [Web Exclusive]

Krillin - Battle Clothes [Web Exclusive]

Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta
Super Saiyan 4 Goku (Reissue)
Majin Buu - Evil (Reissue)

Porunga & Dende Luminous Dragon Ball Set [Web Exclusive]

Gamma 1 [Web Exclusive]
Gamma 2 [Web Exclusive]

Turles [Web Exclusive]

2nd Form Frieza [Web Exclusive]

>Shown Prototypes
Vegeta - The Proud Saiyan Prince
Android 19
Android 20
Roshi - Universe Survival Saga

King Kai (Silhouette)
Videl (Visible page)
FighterZ Poll 2nd Place
FighterZ Poll 3rd Place

Tamashii Nations Dragon Ball Series

Tamashii Nations Surveys:

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G.I. Joe General: Maximum Profit, Minimal Availability Edition

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Previous Thread >>9999807


>HasLab H.I.S.S. Tank fully funded! All 4 tiers unlocked including- missile racks, retro canopy and tread skirts, weapon accessories and H.I.S.S. Gunner figure, Retro styled Cobra Commander figure, and early bird bonus H.I.S.S. Tactician figure

>Serpentor with Air Chariot revealed. Will be Pulse Con exclusive
>Retro Snake Eyes and Crimson Guard shown
>Pipeline Reveals - Range Viper, Big Ben, Lowlight, TeleViper w/ Trouble Bubble, Scrap Iron with Drone, Grunt, Tunnel Rat, Snow Job, Firefly, Ripper
>Render Reveals - CopperHead, Torpedo, Rock “N” Roll, Shipwreck, Cover Girl, Crimson BAT, Falcon, Marauders BBQ, Outback
>Retro Destro and Gung Ho now shipping

>SDCC Exclusive Dr. Mindbender Deluxe Set (Pulse)
>Sgt. Slaughter (Fan Channel)
>Retro Zartan (Walmart)
>Retro Storm Shadow (Walmart)
>Tiger Force Duke and RAM (Target/Pulse)
>Kamakura (Amazon)
>Cobra Blue Ninja 2 Pack (Amazon)
>Snake Eyes & White Timber set
>Crimson Guard
>Tiger Force Bazooka (Target/Pulse)
>Tiger Force Recondo (Target/Pulse)
>Python Patrol Officer (Target/Pulse)

>Stinger with Driver preorder
>Pulse Exclusive Sunbow Cobra Commander and Duke two pack
>Reboot coming next year with new packaging
>Pulse Exclusive Cobra Trooper and Officer two pack


>Free Episodes of G.I. Joe ARAH:

>Free Episodes of Renegades and Sigma 6:

>G.I. Joe Spy Troops (PAL version, ripped and edited by a very kind Aussie Anon/Spy Troops anon):
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Beyblade general #???/#1

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Hello I noticed there wasn't a beyblade general and so here one is!

Any combos you like?
Any combos you hate?
Heading to any tournaments soon?

Looking for beys but don't want them from ebay? and are both pretty reputable!
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>100 dollars for 1 import figure
This is now the standard. It was 50 bucks 5 to 6 years ago. Do you think there's an upper limit to what most people are willing to pay?
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Pokemon General: Shiny Feraligatr Edition

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>Previous thread:

> Select 6" Zapdos and Lucario now available at Target
>4.5" Wave 11 Repack Wave Showing up now: Aerodactyl, Sharpedo, Gengar, Charizard
>Battle Figure Wave 12 Showing up now: Hawlucha, Absol, Ivysaur, Pikachu/Aipom, Deino/Vulpix, Snubbull/Machop
>Battle Figure Wave 13 Coming Soon: Magmar, Electabuzz, Sylveon, Clefairy/Torchic, Geodude/Mudkip, and Duskull/Treecko
>3-Packs Wave 12 Showing up now: Lucario/Dreepy/Arcanine, Absol/Mimikyu/Treecko, Dartrix/Torchic/Eevee, Boltund/Mudkip/Pikachu
>New Jazwares pics for Epic Lugia, Electronic 6" Charizard, Environment Packs, Deluxe/Regular Holiday Calendars, Halloween Calendar
- New Tomy Moncolles: Blaziken, Kleavor and Mega Metagross released on July 16th, Glaceon in July, and Sylveon in August
- Tomy Moncolles now doing the humans: Leon, Steven Stone, Cynthia and Ash protos shown
- Targetchad rumors: Wave 2 Selects will also include Tyrannitar. "Wave 4" will include Typhlosion, Samurott, and Decidueye (likely Hisuians) and "Wave 5" will include Suicune. "Wave 2" of the diorama Playsets will include a Snowy Scene with Galarian Darumaka & Piplup, Jungle with Mankey & Treeko, Ruins with Trapinch & Charmander
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Square Enix General (Play Arts/Bring Arts/etc)

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Tentatively slapping the the word general on these threads, since we're burning through them at the speed of sound right now (most likely due to all the recent figure announcements).

The figure announcements in question:

Bring Arts Tifa and Bring Arts Aerith are both available for preorder: 13,200 yen for each without the 'digital bonus,' and 16,500 yen each with that bonus.

Previous thread: >>10044283
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