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Bootleg general #3 Fat lizard edition

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If you ever feel cucked about paying overpriced Legends or Mafex, just remember that SHM bootlegs are so good that they mog real Mafex and Yamaguchi figs for just 20$, plus they throw upgraded parts, the real deal costs 70$ kek

Retro Kenner RGB style House of 1000 Corpses

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Captain Spaulding is already out, the rest of the family is now up for preorder for Feb 2023 elase witha Tiny BAF.

>REEEE these aren't NECA ultimates REEEEE

Yeah, they're designed to fit in with 5" scale figures like Scooby Doo and Kenner's Real Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice figures.

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> Open latest box from Amiami with other people in the room
> Amico ass right in your face in the thank you note

/pw/ toy thread, tank girl edition

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Bros, I can’t wait to put this in a to scale tank
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I’ve been coming to this board the last few weeks and it’s fucking awesome. Seeing the collections makes me get that inner kid excitement again. I was wondering if you guys just use the toys as decorations or do you actually play with them?
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ITT: Devilman Toys

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Since it's Devilman's 50th anniversary this year, lets dedicate a thread to all the Devilman toys over the years.
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Cleaning help

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I need actual advice/realistic solutions and not people suggesting baby wipes.

I'm amassing a larger Street Sharks collection and quite a few are dirty. But they're made out of this weird rubber shit and I know that if I use alcohol or regular soap it could dry it out and damage it or crack it.

What do I use to whiten up spots and clean up the overall pieces so they aren't permanently fucked and dried out?

Also, street sharks thread I guess.
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Post your toys! A tribute for Tad pt VII

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Last thread here :)

Hope you are All having a comfy day.
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Is this Lego set worth it

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Should I drop 500$ for this Ferrari Daytona Lego set?
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Vehicles for toys

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What are your favourite figure-scale vehicles, /toy/? By that I mean vehicles designed to scale with, or better yet accommodate, driver/passenger figures. Doesn't have to be a common scale like 1:12 or 1:18, of course.
Myself I wanna get this Isetta Bubble Car some day. I love the Isetta and it'd be really fun to display with a figma or something inside it.
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