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Rare Toys

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This is a Lucky Loony. I had never seen one before today.
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Small Heads are a good thing

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Headie is what happens when you make a real head, 5% too big. They look enormous. Small heads, just make figures feel taller
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Toku General

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THICC Faiz Boys Edition

>September releases:
FRS Ultraman Suit Tiga
FRS Kamen Rider Skull
DX Terra Phaser

>September exclusives:
CSM OOO Driver Ver.10th
SHF Kamen Rider Espada Arabiana Night
SHFSS OOO Tajador Eternity
SHF Ultrawoman Grigio

Upcoming releases:

SHF Don Momotarou
RCF Boost Striker Entry Set
Surprise Mission Box 001 & DX W Driver Raise Buckle Set
Hatena Mission Box 002
DX Zombie Breaker
DX Spider Phone
SHF Ultraman Decker
SHFSS Wizard 10th ver

Upcoming exclusives:

Akibaranger 10th Anniversary Set
DX Genm Musou Gashat + Thousand Ark & Dan Kuroto Progress Key
DX Mighty Novel X & Bang Bang Tank Gashat
DX Vistamp Selection 03
SHF Kamen Rider Thunder Gale Revice
SHF Kamen Rider Ark Zero
CSM Lockseed Helheim Set
DX Weekend Driver
SHF Kamen Rider Sabela
SHF Kamen Rider Genm Musou Gamer
SHF Kamen Rider Zero Two Izu ver
SHF Space Sevenger
DX Nouto Brace Set
CSG Titan Sword
DX Demons Trooper Vistamp
CSM Birth Driver & X Unit
DX NinjarkSword
SHFSS Kamen Rider V3
SHF Kamen Rider Aguilera
Ultra Replica Beta Capsule
DX Fifty GaleVistamp
Zenkaiger Geartlinger MEMORIAL EDITION
Gokaiger Gokai Tsuiker Unit
DX Vistamp Selection 04
DX Chimera Driver & Juuga Driver
CSM W Driver 1.5 Futo PI EDITION
SHF Twokaizer
DX Don Robotaro Enhanced Version & Departure Set
SHF Glitter Trigger Eternity
Ultra Replica Dark Ring
Ultra Replica Ultra Seven
SHFSS Kamen Rider W Xtreme
SHF Kamen Rider Live
SHF Tector Gear Zero
DX Giff Stamp
SHF Fake Shin Ultraman
SHFSS LunaTrigger
SHFSS HeatMetal
Ultra Replica Ultra Fusion Card Holder
Ultra Replica Ultra Fusion Card SPECIAL SET 02
SHF Windom
DX Giant Spider & Mega Bat Vice Stamp Set

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Do you regularly sell your toys to make sure your collection doesn't get TOO big? I already feel overwhelmed by all the stuff I've collected. How much stuff can you even appreciate at one time? At what point are you just burying yourself in a plastic tomb?
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ITT-characters you demand to get toys already

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When the fuck is he going to get an action figure and how the fuck hasnt he gotten one yet? I dont even play vidya all that much and i still need a figure of john k's dad after entering politics to boss orders to my gi joes and to fight my more chunky muscley figures
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McFarlane General: Mystery Box Edition

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According to EE, McFarlane has two more reveals this week, Wednesday and Thursday. What will they be?
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Jurassic General: More Indo Edition

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The line shows no signs of going extinct, more to come in 2023
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What's the most disgusting thing one could possibly collect?
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Any non-poorfags here also feel like they get more enjoyment out of cheap stuff?
I've stuff in the $200, $350, even $400 range. I don't think I get as much enjoyment out of them as I do simple, cheap little novelties.
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Hey, /toy/. What do you think of Takara Tomy's Jobraver toys?
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