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SONIC TOYS THREAD: Flying Battery Edition

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Flying Battery Sets (Diorama and Enemy sets) are out!

Movie Wave 2 is slowly trickling in...

Ray, Vector, and Chaos are coming in the future.
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Do you guys ever get tired of joints? Sometimes I wish I could let myself be happy with some 3" tall 5POA figure again. But my brain screams "it has no toe articulation!" so I go along on my unhappy way
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Toy Can't Unsee Thread???

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>His feet should be bigger to match his hands.

Can't unsee.
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Hello everyone!

Thought I would begin a new bread (#8) to mark the One year anniversary since my beloved Tad departed this physical realm for some rest.

In honor of all the toys and fun and child-like games we used to play, here's an image I find captures his true sweet loving essence.

>'what are you talking about? these flowers smell horr-'

shhh! :P

Anyway, we still have an ongoing bread over here too :) >>9903859 (Just wanted to do something nice for today) I had the local radio play a song for Him too, You can find a recording of it below :)

Hope you have all had a peaceful and comfy day too! Love always
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Nintendo toys general

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I'm sick of the autism

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Hasbro studio series WFC is not the video game. The idea hasbro cares about some random video game no one played is absurd.

They're just making netflix figures, because thats what studio series is for. WFC netflix is viewed to hasbro the same way as an ova. Why would they put a video game in the "studio series". It doesn't even make sense.

They already have the megatron and prime molds, and they sell well whenever they are released.

I will remake this post during the official reveals to laugh at you autists, for thinking something less popular than machine wars would be released to retail
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Crazy bones

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Stuff you wish you Had

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This shit popping

Battle Arena Toys

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I'm trying to find the name of this toy line from my childhood. They were these lightweight balls with faces printed on them that you could attach flails and swords to, and the arena would blow air upwards causing them to "fight" each other. I never had them but it's killing me that I can't figure out the name. Also might as well make this a thread about toys from the same category.

Cat chewed head. Repair?

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Is there a way to repair this? I haven't found a replacement. I don't want to get rid of it as it was my hurricane Ida survival gift.
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