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TMNT General: Everybody Do the Flop

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>Super7 TMNT Ultimates wave 5 and 6 are shipping out! Fuck your wallet.
>Target's Fall Geek Out Event with NECA's TMNT merch has begun. You can find Monster Leo, Bride April, Mummy Mikey Neutrinos, Usagi, Smash and Zach, Crooked TMNT Gang and Rock Soldier and Tokka and Rahzars right now!
>NECA Mirage Renet, Utrom, and Casey hitting soon, as well as Archie Slash
>Super7 Wave 8 has been revealed
>NECA's Sewer Lair (Living Room) going up for pre-order in September
>FuRay Planet Wilderness Hunter Crocker (totally not Leatherhead!) shipping from some places!
>BST AXN is dumping loads of TMNT now. Clogging all shelves.
>Playmates...still full on retarded, but at least they're doing something with the license?
>Diamond is bringing back TMNT Minimates!

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