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You Fucked Up

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You fucked up.

You were once a respected figure, you had devoted fans, you were a big name in your field. For some people, you were a living God, a "one in a million". But you are still a mere mortal, with weaknesses and sore spots; one day, you started doing stupid things for your own pleasure, or for the sake of money. And that's when things went wrong.

99% of the people who do what you did are never found out. And even when they are spotted by someone, the media doesn't report it. And even when the media does report it, most of the time the story dissipates into the news stream within a few days. Unfortunately, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. The media talked about you, a few people were scandalized by your actions, and the next ones were influenced by the first ones. A national scandal, of which you are the main protagonist, followed very quickly.

Here you are, alone in front of several dozen journalists from all over the country, in a large room set up for the occasion. This is your first public appearance since the beginning of the scandal. There is no doubt that you have done wrong; you can no longer prove that you are innocent. However, you can limit the damage and save your reputation. Those journalists will be the pawns in the media chess game you are about to play.

Welcome to the most important press conference of your life.