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Capsule Delivery Quest! #1

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Hello hello! Welcome to capsule delivery quest!
This is a quest set in the dragon ball universe,

As for your place in the timeline
You were born in age <span class="mu-b">736 (sharing a birth year with baldy krillin and the champ)
For context, bulma meets goku in september of 749

Our story begins in the age 746 at the ripe ol age of 10!

Ever since you could remember thinking, you were always amazed by combat movies, and after an accidental press of the channel that displayed the tournament of the "strongest under the heavens" you were mesmerized by martial arts.
Your parents, tired from working all the time, where a little bit too eager to let you find something to distract yourself with, but under the condition you found a teacher within their budget...

<span class="mu-r">>budget at most 10270 zeni per month (or 75 dollars)

But before all that. What is your name?
Give me
>Do you have any mutations? (no nose, 3rd eye, etc)</span></span>