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Take a fucking shower

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Take a fucking shower and brush your teeth

Pikmin Quest

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Oh no- oh no! I'm going down!

You don't know what happened! You thought you were a pretty experienced space pilot. On a routine patrol of this sector of space- you decided to take a little detour nearby an uncharted world, <span class="mu-s"><span class="mu-i">PNF-404</span></span>, as named by the Kopites, before you suddenly lost control of your ship! Your ship's computer isn't able to stop the mechanical and electrical components from freaking out and gradually pulling your ship into the planet's gravity. You brace for impact...

With a great crash, your ship, the <span class="mu-i">SS Topaz</span> falls to the ground. Thankfully, you are safe and sound- but after taking stock of the damage, it appears you may be trapped on this planet...

Leaving the cockpit and going outside, you quickly take stock of your surroundings. This planet is an <span class="mu-i">uncharted world</span> of which very few explorers have visited- it is even said that the Hocotate Freight company intentionally hides this planet from star maps to avoid people digging into their business ventures. There is no sign of civilization here- and now you can tell why.

The entire planet's atmosphere- there is SO much oxygen! It's pure poison! No living thing from your homeworld could possibly survive this place for even a moment without a space suit! And that means this planet is totally perilous to you- and you have to leave as soon as possible. But your ship... There's no way you can leave orbit in this condition. It's damaged and is <span class="mu-i"><span class="mu-s">missing some parts</span></span>- they've likely been scattered all over the planet's surface when you nearly broke up in the atmosphere.

To make things worse, your ship's filtration system can only filter out the toxic oxygen for so long. You only have a little over three weeks, or <span class="mu-i"><span class="mu-s">twenty two days</span></span>, until your time is up and you will need to leave this planet- or else you will die.

Alright. Don't panic. You know there is an absolutely zero percent chance you will be able to even carry back the parts yourself if you find them all, and you don't know what kind of dangerous wildlife could be present on this planet that you are defenseless with... let's try to focus on something productive. Your ship isn't stocked with food right now- so you might want to <span class="mu-s">find something to eat</span>.
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Degenesis Quest #2

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In 2073, the world as humanity knew it came to an end when it was struck by an asteroid swarm.

It is now 2595, over five hundred years after the Eshaton. The world has changed in that time. Monstrous beings known as Psychonauts seek to infect all life with a disease known as Sepsis. Rival factions compete over the shattered remnants of Europe – paranoid legions of warrior-doctors, masked technophiles with voices like thunder, imperious merchants from faraway Africa and more. Caught in the middle of this struggle for supremacy, primitive tribes and desperate scavengers do whatever it takes to survive.

You are Three Hundred – that's what you call yourself, at least. You survived the Eshaton by spending the last five centuries frozen inside of a subterranean bunker. Unfortunately, you woke up without any memories of the past. All you know for certain is that you are not an ordinary human, for you possess the power of memes. Somehow, you are able to alter your voice and plant irresistible suggestions in the brain of a specific target, causing them to obey, forget or flee in terror.

In the weeks since your awakening, you have taken a barbaric tribe known as the Voss under your wing and transformed the bunker into a base of operations. Though your primary goal is to gain access to the restricted areas of your home, several tribesmen have been infected with Sepsis. You have travelled to the nearby town of Mulhouse to seek medicine that can fight the disease and to learn more about the factions that dominate the world after the Eshaton.

At this point in time, you are somewhere in the streets of Mulhouse, posing as a tribal chieftain and speaking with Jurvaz – the tribesman responsible for awakening you – and the other Voss that you have brought with you. Having taken note of the memetic abilities that you wield, they question your claim that you do not enslave others. If you don't handle this well, you will risk losing their loyalty and drawing unwanted attention.

<span class="mu-r">Archive:</span>
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The Penitence of Sir Ambrose Carouliti #1

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“Sir <span class="mu-s">Ambrose Carouliti</span>, thou hast trespassed against the Rule of the New Mercy and sinned against Our Weeping Lady.”

The voice of the <span class="mu-s">Living Triptych</span> crackles with the sound of the Violet Light. Holy static jolts through you, sweat beading on your forehead as the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

“Thou art a knight of high standing and virtue, but none are exempt from the law of <span class="mu-s">The New Goddess</span>. For one such as thee to sin so, degradeth all mankind and maketh a mockery of Her Mercy and Her Suffering.”

The Living Triptych points at you accusingly. From the galleries, the priests and inquisitors look on with concern and disapproval.

“But Her Mercy is great and unfathomable. By Her Love I bid thee speak, lay thy sin before Her representatives. Bare thy heart and forgiveness shall be granted.”

There is no escaping the manifold gaze of the Living Triptych. Lies and secrets cannot withstand that gaze.

You try to wet your lips before you speak, but the charge in the air has left even your tongue dry.

Your sin was…
>Pursuing a forbidden love
>Murdering a close friend
>Invoking a dark power
>Abandoning a holy battle
>Defiling a sacred place

Gothic fantasy quest. Expect a mix of dungeon delving, character building and local lord administration.
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Battle harem quest

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You've just inherited a battle harem that'll fight for you and do everything you want. But what type?
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Kill la Kill Quest 4: "In the Eye of the Beholder"

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Guess who's back? It's me! Welcome to Part 4 of Kill la Kill Quest!

Your name is Anon Meipan, you were a member of the lower class, the no-star student body until a chance encounter gave you an opportunity you'd never dreamed off. Becoming a member of the Elite Four.

I would get right into it but it's been a few months so let's do a quick recap.
Your name is Anon Meipan as stated above, you were a No Star student at Honnoji Academy before surprising circumstances landed you a spot on the Elite Four.
Following that, you layed low for a bit until you became involved with one Ryuko Matoi and became her friend.
After passing Elite Four initiation, you then deepen your friendships with Ryuko and a new girl Maiko.
Soon after Ryuko was attacked by a mysterious man named Tsugumi, with your combined help you were able not only stop him but Nonon of the Elite Four as well.
Currently you are talking with Maiko, trying to decide what sort of club you want to make after being officially recognized as an Elite Four to the student body, although it will more than likely be related to the arts.

> A regalia similar to those worn by the elite four, with an unassuming outward appearance, when transformed it gains highlights of gold and silver and an Owl like mask
> Your life fiber controlling gauntlets, currently allow to push pull or hold those wearing life fibers. This extends to Anon himself, which allows him to do things like fly.

Previous Threads: (this one wasn't archived on suptg)
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Magical Girl For Hire #120

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Wow. 120. Well, here we go.

Well, you’re on the site of the job now, officially. And the first thing to do is to get as much information as possible. You’re being as plain and unobstructive as you can- but the fact that you have a VIP badge should allow you access to wherever you please, so long as you don’t try anything too obviously offbeat.

Looking around, you can see that there’s a few smaller, old buildings clumped together- you suspect some sort of old servants quarters if you had to take a wild guess, considering the castle in the distance. You can see people with badges going in and out of them, so they’re likely where some of the groundskeepers are being housed- or quite possibly the contestants. You're not sure. A bit across from them, in their own cordoned off area of a parking lot, are a number of large production trucks, no doubt for carrying all the extra gear needed for the events. Either option will work well for you if you want to risk it.

Of course, there’s also the method of simply heading into the filming/stage area and talking around. Find the right people backstage, and you might be able to squeeze some info out of the right people if you play your plainness right.
General Pastebin:
MGFH Spreadsheet:
Character Details:

Ultimately, you won’t have a ton of time most likely- Jazzi is expecting you, and furthermore, you’re going to need to figure out just how you’re going to be helping her behind the scenes, which from the looks of things is going to be harder than it sounded at first.

>Snoop around the production trucks and see what's there.
>Meander onto the living quarters and see who's there.
>Try to sneak backstage and get someone talking.
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solve the clue!

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solve the clue? can you do it?

Between the two you will find a match.
Easy, you think, but there is a catch...











Monsterpunk Quest #3

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You are Sergey Ivanovich Kozlov, former resident of a small town now located in another dimension, and somewhat unwilling retainer to the same renowned scientist noble responsible for teleporting your hometown.

After raiding an underground city ruin left untouched for at least 50 years, you've come across an old artifact that forcibly made you and an almost-century old construct designed for warfare named Tau Enkidu enter a pact - a ritual that forever merges two souls, and was understood to be impossible without the consent of both parties.
To make things more complicated, Enkidu claims to come from a superpower with colonies around the world called Pandemonia, a civilization unknown to everyone and absent from any history books.
While you now have the abilities of a Dragoon, capable of riding your pactmate and using devastating abilities to overwhelm the enemy, you have accidentally made yourself an enemy of Arcadia, your homeland. After all, pacts without the council's permission are highly illegal. Your superior, Dr. Nevada, has agreed to use her position in her house to pardon your undocumented pact, but until then, you will have to keep it a secret.

Yesterday, you arrived at the campus of House Daedal, your new home, within the Arcadian metropolis of Limur. Your new status as Dr. Nevada's retainer comes as a surprise to everyone you encounter, but your "rustic" appearance is seen as an eyesore to the nobility. To get you settled in, your superior orders you to buy some new clothes, with the help of Briana, a moss woman who turns out to have a knack for both fashion and slacking off. With three hours remaining before you have to report back to Dr. Nevada, you decide to get something to eat, at Briana's recommendation.

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Village Guard Quest

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While boatman cheerfully washes his face, you puke the remaining contents of your stomach into the lakewater. By your feet, a striped orange-white kitten -- the boatman's -- chews on the remains of a forgotten fish-head, its rotten stench occasionally contributing to your queasiness. If you had known it was going to be like this you'd have braved the day's walk through the wooded trail -- or better yet, quit the damned guards entirely. The boat lurches again. There's nothing left to throw up but your body goes through the motions anyway. You never should have come here.

"Alright, there Hal?" says the boatman.

Your name, of course, is not Hal, it's Al. Alfred Blade, newly minted guard in service to the supreme Overlord Zorgon II. But you hold up your thumb in silence, no longer even having the energy to correct him.

"We're but a few minutes off. Ye can see the shelf. Look."

You slowly turn your head (still resting on the gunwale) towards the approaching shoreline. The shelf on which the village sits rises nearly two stories from the water. Some kind of black moss grows in large, perfect squares on the cliff-face, evenly spaced, like the hollows of an upturned bookshelf. The sight is so strange that you immediately right yourself and momentarily forget your own seasickness.

"Nightwort," says the boatman. "Ye'll smell it soon." The glee with which he says this puts fresh fear into your heart, but as you draw nearer you discover that the smell is actually quite pleasant. Something between pine and lemongrass. It relaxes you -- or perhaps it's the prospect of soon being on solid earth again. Regardless, it doesn't change the fact that you drew the short straw. No guard in his right mind would have willingly taken on this assignment -- and you hadn't, you were gunning for...

>The Guards Templar: Specialists in dispelomancy trained to combat organized and/or supernatural crime
>The Royal Guard: Personal guard of the royal family; an inherently political position
>Internal Operations: The few, the hidden, the reviled and the feared; the eyes and ears of the Overlord
>The Nightwatch: The chosen elites who venture outside the walls so that those within them can sleep safe at night
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