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Final Fantasy: Heaven's Cataract #3

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<span class="mu-i">You are Lorelai Lufaine, an amnesiac recently awoken by the help of a Blue Mage named Bucklin Durancap. After travelling for a day and ending up in the city of Nestad, you've been wrapped up in an ongoing missing person's case. And here, your journey continues.</span>

Given Bucklin’s proclivity for being verbose, and his talent for showmanship, he could make the story entertaining regardless of where he starts. All you really wanted was to know what happened back then, what paved the way for Bucklin’s relationships with Stratos and Ceci. What caused the bad blood that drips between the two now? Though, with that in mind, it might be better to start from the beginning.

If Bucklin is telling the story, then it’s going to be painted with his own bias. That much is true. Ceci’s presence should help avert that, given her no-nonsense nature. “From the start.” You purse your lips, hand resting on your chin. “I want to know how you guys met and what caused you two to start bickering.”

“Ah, very well then.” Bucklin says, nodding. “In that case, I will do my utmost to paint a world of words for my darling audience.”

You scratch your cheek, looking away. Ceci coughs into her hand.

“... You’re killing me here, and I haven’t even started.” Bucklin sighs. “Well, our story starts where yours began, Lorelai. In the depths of Blueshawl…”

<span class="mu-i">Five years ago, almost to the day, that I would meet Stratos, Ceci, and the citizenry of Trausburg. Good fortune that I had, because I may not be here today if I hadn’t.

I was doing the usual excursion as a good adventurer does. It wasn’t idle riches that pushed me forward. It was another temptation, a temptation of the heart, as it were. The desire, the need, to uncover mystery. It’s not all that relatable to most, but to those that it may be, I hope to call friends one day.

I’ve been to my fair share of caves in my years, so I thought this would be like the others. No precautions needed as it was a simple cavern close to a city. The more dangerous creatures that you find in the wilds don’t deal well with the hustle and bustle of even a quiet country town. I figured I had nothing to fret over, so I proceeded with the excursion.

Of course, how wrong I was. I may have ventured a little too deep, or I may have been cursed in some sort of past life. Whatever the case may have been, I ended up in quite the predicament. A goliath of steel and ivory sprung forth, its shining, baleful glare enough to stir even the most stalwart of souls. Not me, of course. I tried to fight it as you do with any monster in the open. After a dinge and a dent, I realized my mistake. The only thing to do now was to retreat as far as I could go. Fighting such a mechanical monstrosity in the confines of a country cave invites a quick, rubble-imposed death. I ran, retracing my steps back to the entrance I found at the base of the cliff.</span>
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Isekai’d in inadequate inclination

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There was an instance of pain- no, intense discomfort. As if you had been scrubbed down from head to toe with a scratchy towel. But before you can comprehend what had happened you lost your balance and land on the floor. And now there is a new sensation – one much more concerning – that of a naked butt on a dirty stone floor. And it wasn’t the stone of a nice bathroom tile either but something like rough cobblestone.

You quickly turn around to keep a piece of gravel from making a permanent home in your right butt cheek only to hit your knee hard on another one. “Ahh, fuck”, the curse escapes your lips, before you come to all your senses.
The air was stale and smelled of mold and sooth. Multiple torchlights, while exposing your naked body to the people around you did nothing to warm you. In front of you was a stone obelisk, maybe two stories tall, with writing you couldn’t identify. And if the figures around you aren’t larping-


You know how this story goes.

You got isekai’d like a little bitch.

And you weren’t some looser NEET that could fulfill his fantasy in another world, you were just promoted. While your world wasn’t perfect, you had a good life going for you. But in this medieval looking one you’ll probably be able to have spicy food ever again, nor know how George RR Martin wants to actually end the Song of Ice and Fire.
Okay, self-pity party is over. Let’s focus on the hear and now. The people who isekai’d you haven’t raised their voices but were whispering to one another without addressing you. While you couldn’t hear what they were talking about, you can still hear the confusion in their voices.

You stand up and idly wipe away the gravel that has embedded itself into your skin.

You are…

You should…
>cover yourself up with your hands. Just for common decency. At least you hope that’s common in this world too.
>not cover yourself. They isekai’d you naked, they got to deal with it. You’re confident in your body.

You’re going to…
>wait and see what they do.
>point at someone and ask them to give you their coat.
>ask them, “Let me guess, demon king problems?”
>say, “sorry, the person you isekai’d is currently not available, try calling a different person.”
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Alterac Resurgent Quest 16

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It has been nine years since the fall of Alterac, after the King Aiden Perenolde betrayed the Alliance and sided with the Horde of Orgrim Doomhammer. For this betrayal, King Aiden Perenolde was dethroned and Alterac City was sacked. The nobles and population fled the land and the Kingdom of Alterac was no more.

You are Alric Perenolde, the Prince and second heir of Alterac. By the order of King Aiden, you were sent into temporary exile to be safe from the Second War. This exile turned permanent and Captain Normand Garside, your guardian for the past nine years, made sure that you were safe and learned the useful skills that would help you in the future.

Now nine years later in the year 15 after the opening of the Dark Portal, you are ready to take the responsibility and try to unite the scattered Alteraci people and reclaim the lands that were once the Kingdom of Alterac.

The Invasion of Strahnbrad Hills continues. You dealt with the immediate aftermath of your attack into the bandit camp and brought all the prisoners back to Tarren Mill. During your short visit to the town you heard the news of Queen Tiffin having died during the Stonemason riots in Stormwind and with the arrival of Lady Nalice to teach your spymaster, you made a promise to help the Stonemasons with the refugees.

Your return to Strahnbrad Hills didn’t go that well as during a scouting mission across the Darrowmere River, you were ambushed by gnolls and suffered a wound that forced you to return back to Tarren Mill. While staying in the town to rest and recover, you were approached by the wealthy House Barov with an offer that you couldn’t accept. They wanted practically to buy Strahnbrad Hills from you. Now you are visiting their estates near Tarren Mill and even if you felt disrespected by their offer, you opted to stay and listen what else they could have to say to you.

Welcome to Alterac Resurgent Quest!

/qst/ Archive:
Prince Alric Stats:
Quest Mechanisms:
Character List:
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Forceful Evolution

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>Welcome to the fondation of final evolutanary reserch. Currently you're the latest monster created by fools playing god. Due to your rabid cell growth, you're curently placed in vodka, keeping you in a sleepy stupor.
How will you escape the jar?
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Unthinkable Fantasy Migration

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An average day as always. You rise early in the morning, get ready, and go to work for the day. Work is a pleasant enough activity, you worked a part time job delivering pizzas on a moped for a small corner parlor, and when that shift was done, you usually went to your second job at a flower store, where the lady running the show paid you to keep her merchandise watered.

After the average day was done, you threw in your rags and headed home. And that was the last thing you remembered at least, because after you got home and opened the door? It all goes... blank.

There was a shadow waiting for you behind closed doors, and then... sleep; You guessed. You awoke not in the sheets of your bed, not in the air conditioned temperature of your apartment, and not out of these clothes you've been wearing all day long either. But, to the noise of nature, and the shocking sight of the great outdoors!

When you picked your head up, you looked around and came to discover a wholly new place you've never seen before in your life.

>A deep, lush forest under the arms of a mountaintop.
>A bristling blue and misty lake surrounded by trees.
>A dense and packed bamboo forest that felt cool.
>A field that goes on and on, of sunflowers.
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DC: Henchman Quest #17

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Your name is Sean Clayton, aka Gunsmoke, aka Adjutant Tango. Last time, you put Delrio down for good, established the foundations for the Steel Wolves, returned home in triumph, and decided to kick back and relax for a while.

Now, you’re about to reach the first stop on your transcontinental road trip, the United Kingdom.

> Hello everyone, and welcome back to another issue of DC: Henchman Quest! As always, I’m AxisQM. Rules are simple but flexible: 20-30 minutes to vote / roll what I say, rolls count even if you (or I) mess up the modifier, crit successes override, write-ins encouraged. If rolls / votes are slow to come in, I’ll do my best to adjust for it. Our cover art is the brainchild of a generous anon, and still brightens my day whenever I think about it.


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Link to Archive:
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Renovatio Imperii 3

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Your lungs burn with every breath you take. Your muscles ache from the exertion of the battle that had lasted only scant few minutes by your measure. Your head swims and a sharp pain courses through your body as you inspect your arm.

It is broken, the mace had sailed true, and you were unable to interpose your own blade in between it. You are a sailor for damn’s sake, not a soldier. You are <span class="mu-i">Ammiraglio</span> (admiral) Vincenso Grato, and you were sent onto this supposed “supply isle” to take what you can and burn what you cannot.

And what a disaster it is. The battle line had completely collapsed after the Akeonian chevaliers smashed into you without stop. The damned bastards cut through your sailors like a scythe cuts through wheat.

Even now, they are screaming out in pain as the battle rages.

Looking around, despite the fact that your head is swimming, you can see as your halberdiers, the elite of Tarrizo charge to give battle. The heavy weighted halberds landing with a loud thud, as one halberdier manages to catch an Akeonian chevalier overextended after his killing blow upon one of your sailors. With a wet thump and screeching of armour, the steel helmet is smashed inwards, as viscera, blood, and brain matter is ejected from the cracks in the armour and the eyeholes.
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Bleach: Our Eyes

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“So who do you think was the hottest chick?” The naket man asks you.


The man across from you interrupts by taking, one would say, an aggressively loud sip from his cup. Then continues. “I said, who ya’ think was the hottest chick? It’s a pretty simple question.

“B-But I think there are more pressing questions at ha-” *SIIIIIIIIIP* It sounds as if it came out of one of those plastic straws…He’s siping it from mouth to cu-

“Answer. We don’t have all day.”

>The black cat chick
>The hair rope knot lady
>That green Nazi bitch
>Bread girl
>That bone cavewoman
>Shunsui Kyoraku
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Project Wingbride, A Project Wingman Spin-quel-off 5

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>Buy Me A Coffee? No thanks.

>>Inform her that you don’t mind showing a little appreciation for the overworked.
>"Bowling alley, Dinner, or bar?"

You take Andromeda up on it. It wasn’t as if you were so strapped for cash that you couldn’t buy a round for the support crew. As someone who operated behind—literally, in many cases—pilots of considerable skill in the world of sell-swords, shows of appreciation and gestures of goodwill were worth more in the value than chests filled with wads of payday dirt more times than not. Showing that while the others didn’t really show a mug and a cheer up for them while you would went a long way in an industry where survival was a vendor-compliant opportunity cost.

<span class="mu-g">One could never know when some generosity through means of spare coins could mean the difference between life and death.</span>

Pausing for a moment, you decide to tack a little more on.

Life and death were definitely less negotiable bedfellows than people could ever be.

Or was it the <span class="mu-i">other</span> way around?

<span class="mu-r">AWACS Andromeda</span>
<span class="mu-b"><< <span class="mu-i">Bowling?</span> I don’t think I’ve ever been invited to go <span class="mu-i">bowling</span> before. >></span>

There’s another pause.

<span class="mu-r">Garm 03 WSO, “Sensei”</span>
<span class="mu-b"><< You’ve never been? >></span>

<span class="mu-r">AWACS Andromeda</span>
<span class="mu-b"><< Never in my life, no. >></span>

<span class="mu-r">Garm 03 Flight Intelligence “Tessa”</span>
<span class="mu-b"><< The engineers used to do it a lot on the weekends. >></span>

<span class="mu-r">Garm 02 Flight Intelligence “Elaine”</span>
<span class="mu-b"><< Oh yeah, they did, didn’t they … >></span>

It appears as though the conversation had taken a life of its own.

>Keep everyone on the ball and cut chatter/comms
>The tension needs to be lowered; let them have chatter
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kuroinu girlfriend

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your girlfriend is a character from kuroinu:
>lou lou
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