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Fate City Akeldama 3

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And we’re back! Low Speed Anti-Divine QM here, welcome to thread 3!

Quick recap of thread 2: Anon and his Avenger of Red fought off Kuro no Lancer’s clones (and later discerned his True Name to be Sun Wukong), palled around with Truvietianne, Rushorou, Matsuda, and their Servants for a while, blew a couple of shipborne Servants to smithereens, had a somewhat inconclusive but edifying spar with Matsuda, got a map of the city from Caster of Black, and started investigating part of the southwest section with Truvietianne and her Servant. Lastly, an unknown Servant announced their presence in spite of Anon’s earlier show of force.

First thread (was nuked by a rogue janny):
Second thread:
Reference for Servant (and other related) stat-blocks:
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Bones Quest #19: ToMARROW... The World!

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You’re <span class="mu-s">STANLEY PARBLE</span>: a girl with a weird name and an even weirder tale: after a <span class="mu-r">CENTURIES-OLD LICH</span> woke up during your graveyard shift at the <span class="mu-g">GOOD BOY DOGGIE BONE</span> factory, your simple life of janitorial work became a bit more… Complicated.
Sure, you became pals with your now-sentient skeleton (you named him <span class="mu-g">LY</span>) AND gained some nifty <span class="mu-b">SUPER POWERS</span> from eating <span class="mu-b">MAGICAL BONE MARROW</span>, but that doesn’t change the fact that your hometown of <span class="mu-g">CLEARWATER, CALIFORNIA</span> is overrun by <span class="mu-r">HOMICIDAL SKELETONS!</span> Even worse, the guy in charge is dead-set on taking over the rest of the world while he’s at it! <span class="mu-s">Not cool!</span>

The beginning of the end: that’s what you <span class="mu-i">thought</span>, at least. Having laid <span class="mu-r">HIGH SCHOLAR IZITHA</span>, the last of <span class="mu-r">TIM’S</span> nefarious <span class="mu-r">LIEUTENANTS AND PHYLACTERIES</span> to rest in her Atlantean lab below the sea, all that remained was to take the fight to the wicked warlock himself… but how?

Your answer, you reasoned, lay with your old friend <span class="mu-g">CLIFF–</span> the ringleader of the skeletons you hadn’t reduced to dust in your travels. Heading to their headquarters at the old <span class="mu-g">DRIVE-IN,</span> you were met with not only a solid plan, but a well-deserved party in your honor, too!

Enjoying the rest of the night with your old friends, you eventually retired for the evening with your janitor companion and ex-would-be-assassin <span class="mu-g">TALBOT</span>... f-for security reasons, obviously, don’t read into it! Upon waking, however, you quickly surmised that something had gone <span class="mu-i">seriously</span> wrong… and once again <span class="mu-r">TIM</span> was behind it all.

Possessing Talbot’s body, the lich was all too happy to inform you of your grave mistakes, chief among them befriending <span class="mu-i">his</span> thralls when he could see and hear everything they do, including planning to smuggle you into his <span class="mu-r">FLYING FORTRESS LAIR.</span> Asserting his vile will on your bony friends, <span class="mu-r">TIM</span> left you to deal with the army of skeletons you neglected to destroy, a raging bloody blizzard, and a Talbot intent on tearing you apart.

Though you escaped from the trap by the skin of your teeth, some of your friends weren’t so lucky–both <span class="mu-g">MITZI AND ART</span> were hurt while fleeing, and while you sent them to the <span class="mu-g">UNIVERSITY</span> for medical aid, you focused on taking care of the Talbot problem.

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Children of Hubris: Chapter II

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[Welcome back to Children of Hubris, an open-ended WH40k Adventure set in the Imperium of Man starring Janus Caskett of the Adeptus Arbites. It’s been a year and a half since the last thread, sorry about that! If there is interest in continuing this grimdark noir adventure, I shall resume writing it and take care to not let another gap of this length occur between threads.

The quest only got through 2 threads, which I will recap below, but you can read those threads here if you feel so inclined.

While there are particular story beats and an overarching conflict, Janus’s agenda, allegiance- and his ultimate fate- are in your collective hands. There may sometimes be options laid out for what Janus’s next action could be but please feel free to make your own suggestions if you have a better idea. Supporting suggestions increases the chance I’ll pick it, but ultimately I’ll use my own discretion when selecting, so make them good ones!]
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Evertime: Undecided by Destiny (SCI-FI ONE SHOT)

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" Cadence has fallen!"

" The Alabaster has been breached! The Flagship won't hold much longer!"

" Commander, your orders? Commander? "

Amidst the brewing Chaos, You stood motionless. What sort of Hope could you provide to these pitiful fools? The Xzjket Swarm had already devoured its way to the last hope of humanity. There was but one thing to do.

<span class="mu-s">

You must abandon this timeline. </span>

Your failure would still haunt you even after pulling the trigger blasting your brain without a second thought for death was hardly the end.

Evertime, it was your cosmic blessing and curse. With this strange power. You could hop from one timeline to another. There was a catch, said timeline would always be plagued by the Xzjket swarm and you would be in some form of authority.

Who was your next incarnation?

> James Ledd ( Mech Pilot)

Background: Born in Genniyah, one of the most hostile rimworlds In the Federation, James dedicated his life to eradicate the insectoid menace from his Homeworld. The new waves of giant Xzjket had forced the planetary governor to deploy two Mechs (he couldn't afford any more ) on the ground. Genniyah was lucky to pilot one of them. Together with his buddy Polaris, The two Mechs would face the Broodmother for one final showdown.

What to expect: Pilot banter , Missions across the planet to gain enough strength for one final boss, no dice, final destination.

> Jamilah Al-Hassani ( Xenoentomologist)

Background : One of the brightest minds of Cons-76, a research facility orbiting around Consetilla Prime. Her research team had made a very short lived discovery of an alien artifact which had either killed or mutated everyone on board with the exception of Jamiliah, her pet dog and her trusty android bodyguard. The planet down below was under attack by a new strain of the Swarm. Could Jamiliah create a true xeno killer from the artifact before the ultimate destruction of her planet?

What to expect: big brain time, dice, experiments, live/dead test subjects, race against time.

>Jacque Vonseoux ( Planetary Governor)

Background: New Scevia was the star jewel of the whole system until the previous Governor decided to launch a full scale invasion over Mixa, a nearby planet since the Federation was too busy dealing with the Swarm. Not only did the Mixaians defended their homeworld, they also retaliated with an invasion of their own. Jacque was elected to be the governor after his predecessor had killed herself to escape from her responsibilities. The new governor must rebuild the whole planet while he could before another invasion of the Xzjket variety would bring true devastation to his homeworld.

What to expect: micromanagement, no dice, civ like , clock is ticking, resources.
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I'm a demon? #5

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>MC sheet:

>Previous thread:

>For a compilation of world building and a short description of ALL characters read:
This document can be edited by (you)

>Summary: It was too large for upload in 1 post apparently

Last thread votes:
>Boom + Fake her death 2 (+1 if you secure artifacts)
>Steal cart + contact Cedalion 2

You were sitting on a rock, looking at the remains of a fire that had burned all night.
An ash mound indistinguishable from the wasteland around it.
The sun had already casted its first rays into a gray sky flecked with blue patches.
They signaled our approach to the edge of the wasteland.
The other members of the expedition had already finished their breakfasts and were beginning to move into the distance.
Preparing to pack up camp and continue the journey.

Sitting across from you was Rakta, a Chosen one of Qothos.
And your bosses had given you the order to kill her so she wouldn't hand you all over to the Inquisition when you got to the city.
It was an almost reasonable request, you too would end up in trouble if she lived.
But you weren't that kind of person, so you had decided to solve the problem another way.
Making brash decisions and praying you don't get bitten in the ass in the future.

A plan was forming in your head.
She had played the joke of stealing the car and fleeing to the ash desert.
It was an option, but it would have the entire expedition after her.
Giving the chimeras more time to reach you.
that had the positive that they would recover the artifacts.
The negative that it was still possible for them to try to kill your companions.
The other plan was to put explosives in the cart and pretend that Rakta was dead.
And it was the best idea you had.
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Goblin assassins quest - Reopened Wounds

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It is the early 1500s.
A small south eastern country called “Sablestream” and many others are being watched closely by western powers for possibilities of alliance or colonization.

Decades prior, the war between them and their neighboring country, “Galepeak” ended. Commerce between nearby nations and Sablestream has expanded massively since, with many foreigners eventually taking root in the land.

This era of prosperity slowly fades away as the the people and the government drifts apart.

While many things played a part of alienation, such as the abandonment of multiple magic disciplines deemed “unnecessary” while exclusively pushing out more healers for the military, the lack of funding given to rural cities, one scandal finally severed their trust - the truth behind a cult.

The “Cult of the Father” was cult that quickly amassed a following, due to their production of cheap “medicine” and ability to manipulate people into having blind faith in this cult. Originally, the population was led to believe that this group were merely grifters that could only control gullible provincials.

In reality, it was an organization that infiltrated society at large, having ties to nobility and government, who uses them to shape what will happen in rural parts of Sablestream.

With the help of several of her allies, a goblin called "Pine" was able to unleash the truth to the public. Her skills as an assassin played a large part in orchestrating such a plan and evading retaliation afterwards.

A wave of betrayal, death, violence, and paranoia washed over Sablestream.

With the country descending into chaos once again, many are plunged into the criminal underworld, by choice or not.

Thread 1 :
Thread 2 :
These threads aren’t necessary to understand this quest - consider them short prequel stories
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One Piece: Game of the Seas Thread 2

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Copper's Sheet:
Crew's Sheets (Will be here when they are done):

Last time: A man woke up in a new world with no memories of living his past life, falling from the sky and crashing into the execution platform of the once King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger. He soon found himself embroiled in a new tale of mystery, adventure and action, finding that the World Government weren't quite as interested in the justice that their Marines proclaimed to serve as they liked to present. That man is Copper Threepwood, a man who is determined to forge his own destiny, unable to permit the World Government to continue to propagate their false justice! Now setting out on a new adventure with his newly formed crew, he sets forth to try to accomplish what no man has accomplished in hundreds of years... a world revolution that will change everything!

Now was the day that you were supposed to depart, you had eventually decided on naming the Sabertooth 'Haruki'. You didn't really know why you had decided on the name, but somehow it just felt right, so you went for it. Of course, now Haruki very rarely left your side, and it was interesting that the animal you had defeated so soundly in a fight was so willing to follow directly behind you at all times. She really must've felt grateful about you having given her that potion. Even animals seemed to have the concept of wanting to repay somebody after they saved their life... even if in the case of Haruki, you had been the one to put her life in danger in the first place. Of course, you hadn't been the aggressor either way, so it may have also been built from her regret at attacking somebody so much more powerful than she was in the first place. It was odd to think that animals would have such concepts, but... Haruki definitely liked you a lot now, the savage beast that had tried to kill you not one week ago was now your loyal pet.

It had taken a fair amount of explaining to the townsfolk that the tiger wasn't hostile and it was actually your pet, though once they accepted that you had managed to actually tame the savage beast, they happily accepted her. Urchii and Jacob were actually waiting for you to travel to the center of the island where you'd meet up with Hephay, but... there was one last thing you wanted to do before you departed from the island.

You approached Cutter, the fishman who was currently helping one of the humans to expand their house, equipped with a hammer and nails. It seemed that the community really had managed to truly overcome the racial divisions that they might've otherwise had. Everyone really was brothers in chains... and that had managed to last even beyond their liberation, the government had after all been planning on experimenting on every single one of them.
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Kobolt Klan Adoption 7

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Welcome back. It's been a hot minute, but I just couldn't find the time to just sit down and make the update. Anyway:
Archive of previous thread:

Paracelsus drank the magical jungle juice and grew long spines along her back.
You discovered some of the consequences from Ogg transforming people into big burly things with superiority complexes, meaning people that turned into almost completely draconic humanoids that like to call themselves the "dragonborn". They were slaughtering a city, which you put a stop to. The Grey Knight has decided to ride ahead, and you've equipped your kobolts with a hell of a lot of guns.
William completed his kobolt transformation and took it rather harshly, and you're trying to get him to accept it a bit more.

You look at William for a while, trying to think of the right words for it… It doesn’t come easy. But you think you have a place to start, at the very least.
“Well… from where I’m sitting, I think I still see my squire sitting there. Breathing and talking. Generally speaking, that means they’re not dead.”
William almost laughs, and just says:
“You know what I mean.”
“Well. I do. Really, I do get it. I didn’t think I’d ever be the same person after some of the things I’d done. And you know what? I was right. I did change. As we all do. You haven’t been the uppity farmboy that left his house for adventure for a long while now. We all change, William. All the time. Right now, I suppose your skin is a bit different.”
He snorts.
“Scales, you mean.”
“Close enough. Point is: you’re still you. A bit more of a kobolt, sure, but still William. And if you want to keep living, keep being William, I’m going to have to ask you to keep on moving. You’re not dead. Just different. Thinking about the what-was, or what could have been… I’ve seen that kill people.”

William blinks, slowly, and turns to you, slowly.
“You’re still yourself, at the core. I’d say your worries about that are more than telling. All the same… everything remains your choice. If you want to remain my squire, I’d be very happy to have you. If you want to be something else… feel free.”
William still seems uncertain… And there is something akin to a sad smile.

“Suppose… there isn’t much lost if the old William’s gone, right?”
“You’re your own person, William. Mistakes and all. We’re all moral being… imperfectly living in a world that’s broken… hell. If I understood anything from the journey underground? A world that has been broken many, many times. A world that’s been… patched up again. Just like all of us.”
You give him a smile. It’s a thought that keeps you going too, sometimes.
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Greenhorn Quest

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You are the ever-proud APPRENTICE of the great witch SIGRID DE HAUTDESERT. With woolen raiment on and wand in hand, you are ready to engage in another wonderful day of ASSIDUOUS THAUMATURGICAL EDUCATION.

>What is your name?
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Forgotten Realms Adventures Vol. IV

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The year is 1374 DR. Sixteen years have passed since the Time of Troubles, when the gods were made humble, and forced to wander the Realms as mortals. With the ascension of the mad god Cyric, Prince of Lies, and the recent return of the tyrant god Bane, Lord of Darkness, the future of Faerûn seems increasingly uncertain. It falls to bold individuals who possess an abundance of cunning, might, and determination to shape the future... should they be up to the challenge.

Night and day and night again, you wander the Silverwood, searching for anything that can lead you to your people. Eilistraee's followers prove ever elusive, and ultimately you are forced to concede that there remains nothing of them here but their shrine and their dead. That is not to say that your efforts have been a waste - there is a cold fire burning in the back of your skull, an intuitive knowing that you are on the correct path. The absence of physical evidence is no indication that you are not making progress, or so you feel.

Inevitably, you make the return trek to the safety of Everlund's fortified walls. Over several days you travel through the thickets of the Silverwood and along the dirt road leading north, noting the absence of werebeasts. It seems that Malar himself took the liberty of slaughtering his faithful for failing to uphold his precepts when under his scrutiny, a chilling reminder that this is the world of the gods, and that mortals such as yourself merely inhabit it.

You stroll up to the iron grid barring entry into trade city late in the morning, when you are sure to be allowed in. As the gate lifts, one of Greycastle's men looks you over and positions himself directly in front of you. "Well met, milady. Are you, uh, Sindira?" He asks, butchering the pronunciation of your pseudonym. "That is who you are, yes?" Suspicion takes hold, and you rest a hand on your weapon while scanning your surroundings for danger as you nod.

"The Council wants you to report to them as soon as you can. You can find 'em talking at the Hall of the Elders right about this time today. It's by the Bell Market, you can't miss it." Standing at attention, he steps in place and raises his weapon upwards before relaxing his posture and stepping aside. It is a peculiar gesture unique to surface-dwellers, you assume.

Victorious, you have triumphantly returned from your hunt, and may do as you will. What is first on the agenda?
>The Council of Elders has summoned me? I suppose I should visit them right away.
>For whatever reason, I want to meet with Ilanis right now. The girl has yet to pay me for my performance, now that I think about it.
>First, I shall see Willow about my reward. Slaying a werebear was no small feat, even for a veteran such as I.
>There is still much on my mind. I would go for a walk, and clear my head before anything.
>I want to do something else. [Write-in.]
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