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Fall of the Regime: 3rd Term

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Hail, Samuel "Chainsaw" Evil, our glorious leader! You are the rightful sovereign of this glorious nation of Paneira, through your firm but benevolent leadership you have advanced the people of this country. Although some foreign nations decry you as a dictator, you are loved and respected by your populace. Your military stand strong to defend this country, and your bureaucrats fair and just. Truly, it is by your immortal, Lich hands that this nation is great.

Or so it would seem.

In truth, it's not easy to manage a country. While you've successfully cooperated with Zayyine in return for a dozen Aqrab light tanks, there's still the question of who's been stealing Zayyine weaponry. Then, you've used magic to speak to the giant alien woman whose name is Astra - but also accidentally created a mad scientist. Then there's Soleil killing yet another citizen - which turns out to be an Eisen Doctrine remnant. Good thing you've cut a deal with the new underworld boss. Afterwards, you accidentally personally surveyed an ancient ruin which contains an extinct empire's library and another lich, among other things. After befriending the lich, you turned the ruin into a secret laboratory that studies the supernatural - when the Zayyine leader calls to say he'd sent all 12 Aqrabs. But wait, you've only received 6!

It's not easy being a dictator!
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Capsule Delivery Quest! #1

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Hello hello! Welcome to capsule delivery quest!
This is a quest set in the dragon ball universe,

As for your place in the timeline
You were born in age <span class="mu-b">736 (sharing a birth year with baldy krillin and the champ)
For context, bulma meets goku in september of 749

Our story begins in the age 746 at the ripe ol age of 10!

Ever since you could remember thinking, you were always amazed by combat movies, and after an accidental press of the channel that displayed the tournament of the "strongest under the heavens" you were mesmerized by martial arts.
Your parents, tired from working all the time, where a little bit too eager to let you find something to distract yourself with, but under the condition you found a teacher within their budget...

<span class="mu-r">>budget at most 10270 zeni per month (or 75 dollars)

But before all that. What is your name?
Give me
>Do you have any mutations? (no nose, 3rd eye, etc)</span></span>
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Drowned Quest Redux 28

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You are Charlotte Fawkins, dashing heroine, detective, adventuress, heiress, sorceress, etcetera. Three years ago, you drowned yourself in a quest to find a long-lost family heirloom; nowadays, you're just nobly c̶a̶u̶s̶i̶n̶g solving problems with the help of un-trusty advisor(?) Richard and trusty retainer Gil. Inexplicably, many people "dislike" you, though you've never done anything wrong in your life.

Right now, you are plotting out the party make-up for the expedition to rescue your kidnapped frenemy Madrigal.


It all comes rather easily to mind, once you flop back down on your cot and stare up at the ceiling. Of <span class="mu-i">course</span> this day will go better than the last, because today is the day you're going to bust in and rescue Madrigal. Single-handedly.

«You have to be joking.»

Oh? Oh, damn. Richard's draped over the edge of your cot, back to his usual dead-eyed self. Is he hungover?

«Why would I be hungover.»

Because he— because he was piss-drunk last night? <span class="mu-i">So</span> piss-drunk, in fact, that he didn't bother waking you up while you were being physically dragged out to the Fen <span class="mu-i">and</span> back home? Unless he didn't bother because you slammed the door on him, but— but, look, it was <span class="mu-i">freaky</span> how drunk he was. He was acting <span class="mu-i">freaky.</span> Does he even remember any of it?

«I don't see how this is relevant to the present topic of conversation.»

You're unsure whether that means "yes, and I'm embarrassed" or "no, and I'm embarrassed," but you're considering it a win in any case. And what was the topic of conversation? That you were joking? Because no, you do fully plan on rescuing—

«'Single-handedly.' Your bumbling will obviously necessitate my help.»
«Not to mention your pet. What is the purpose of him if you do not allow him to sacrifice himself in your stead.»

What? You're not <span class="mu-i">sacrificing</span> Gil. You just told him—

«Highly confidential speculation about myself. How <classy> of you.»
«Nevertheless, all the better for sacrificing. I believe he will even do it willingly.»

It is way too early in the— you are <span class="mu-i">not</span> sacrificing Gil, okay? You probably will bring him along, since he's your retainer, and he has a gun and stuff. In a pinch he might even shoot it. And he can do... beetle things. Yeah! So of course you're bringing him. You never know when you need beetle things. And— and look, when you said 'single-handedly,' it was kind of a figure of speech. Because you have been thinking about who else to bring along, and you've more-or-less narrowed it down. Besides yourself and Gil, you're going to bring <span class="mu-i">Monty, Eloise, Lucky, and Annie.</span>

«How unbelievably stupid.»

What? You've thoroughly—

«Two men who hate you, a useless frivolous woman, and a— I cannot emphasize this enough— a worm. A literal worm. A mindless creature that lives in the ground.»

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Star Wars: Remnant Captain Quest 9

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Following the Emperor's death at Endor, the once unstoppable Galactic Empire has cracked and began to crumble. While the members of the Rebel Alliance come together to form the NEW REPUBLIC, the remnants of the Empire begin to tear themselves apart at the hands of IMPERIAL WARLORDS who each seek to install them-self as the next emperor. With nearly half the galaxy in the hands of the New Republic, the IMPERIAL REMNANT seems powerless to stop the rebel advance.

Among the soldiers and sailors of the WARLORDS, terror and hope fills men and women in varying forms, as those who serve seek their calls of duty and responsibility, surviving just to live another day in a galaxy without order....

>previous Thread:

Up to date Pastebin:

You are Commander Slythas Caime, battling your way down a corridor of the Dark Cathedral of Corellia, digging an imperial traitor out of his hiding hole, but first, we have to go back in time, to a simpler age...
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Neon Terminus Evangelion - 08 - Everywhere at the End of Time

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>Neon Terminus Evangelion
>Episode 09 - "Everywhere at the End of Time"


The steady rumble of traffic fills the streets of New Tampa. A fresh, salt air breeze sweeps across the top of the dike and flavors the air with the scents of the ocean.

You are Ethan Chandler and you're having a good day. You're out for a date with your girlfriend, Katya Skobeleva, enjoying the sights and sounds of the city as you walk hand in hand.

It feels like heaven. Unreal. Your heart is lighter than a feather. You're walking on air. You glance at her. She looks back. Her crystal blue eyes fix on yours and she smiles, sending an electric jolt through your heart.

You grin wider and look away. Glancing up you see a sign over a window-fronted store.

"Want to grab something to eat?" You ask.

She nods.

You hold the door for her and step inside.

Old threads -
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Piss Bottle Removal Task Force

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You are agent #00312 of the Piss Bottle Removal Task Force.

You and your squadron are constantly beleaguered by a seemingly unending sea of incels, hikikomoris, hobos and psychos, whom you must clean up after and send to re-education camps.

You've recently been tasked with a dangerous mission:
>Clearing out a piss bottle infestation in another apartment in a poor ghetto.
>Investigating a piss bottle stash reportedly found in a mansion in the hills.
>A local miasma of piss bottles has materialized in the supermarket, citizenry are beginning to feel unsafe.
>C L A S S I F I E D (Write-in)
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Purifier Quest

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A Quest about spirits, sorcery, and salt. We only ever lead a single life.

The buzz of cicadas fills the air, drowning out your thoughts as you cut your way through a tangled net of brambles. With a sigh, you set down…

[Select one.]

>...your trusty machete, a gift from your recently-deceased grandfather. As his last surviving heir, you've come all the way out to the countryside to take stock of the estate and put your inheritance in order. (Old Blood)

>...the bluesteel blade your teacher gave you, blessed to keep an edge and carve through most lesser spectres. As far as first missions go, checking in on complaints from some village in the boonies is about as lame as it gets. (Suits and Ties)

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Science Fantasy Swatting - Oneshot

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Nearing the apartment of your destination your hearth starts racing. You can hear the blood flowing through your head. Your palms are sweating bullets. Being a Policy Enforcer Agent on the largest moon colony -Echo- is stressful of course, and everybody gets the butterflies before a raid, but youre used to that. No, this is different. You play a bit with the idea that its some innate 6th sense warning you, before hushing it away as nonsense.

This mission is nothing out of the ordinary. Gathering and possession of illegal information commited by 2 man occupying a standard type B2 apartment. Those people are rarely violent. Fucking data hoarders. If theres no room to collect trash they will just continue doing it digitally.

But regardless, you are armed with...
>a GI-76 small machine gun. Short, quick, low recoil weapon, ideal for close quarter fights. Equiped with a 40 round mag and a red dot sight, the standard issue for field agents.
>a HATZ pump-action shotgun. Official descriptions use the term "high powered", however you prefer "over powered". Cover needs to be redefined whenever its involved. You had to personally request it to get one.
And your service pistol -naturally. So you have nothing to fear.

Especially with your 3 comrades by your side and under your command.
>You have completed the academy along side them. You know for a fact they all are good, honest men worthy of trust.
>You were just recently promoted to squad leader and got stationed with this group afterwards. Now that you think about it you dont even know their full names, but each is a veteran and that is what really matters.
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PRELUDE: Life is the stag pierced by arrows
Made into wounded wings.
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Falling Star Dungeon

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There is darkness, and a sense of pressure. Then a presence, a woman with a clipboard, dressed in blue, looking nervously at something. An entity wakes up, without form, body or memory.

“Sir! Good to see you’re awake again. We’ve hit a bit of a snag with the operation.”

It takes a moment, but the entity finds its voice. “Operation?”

“Oh dear. A few snags then. I am Ava, your assistant. We’re a pair of spirits, bound to a magical core, buried in the earth. I need you to focus your will, force the dirt away from us and build a tunnel to the surface. Can you do that?”

“Yes.” The entity exerted its will, compacting and transforming dirt into stone, shaping that stone into bricks, building a chamber around itself, and another that opened into sunlight and trees. Air and Mana rushed in, bathing the core in power. The entity’s awareness expanded to the stones it had just formed. The feeling was like stretching after a long sleep, but there was a sensation of something missing, of quite a bit missing.

“Excellent work sir. Well the good news is we’re stable again. The bad news is the core has suffered severe damage. We’re going to have to gather the pieces up to get full functionality back, or rebuild them ourselves. On the plus side I can actually see one of the pieces in the recently excavated chamber. Fetching that now.”

The entity watched as a jagged pebble, a wayward piece of itself, lifted off the ground and flitted into the core room. The core itself resembled a shredded flower, most of it missing. The pebble slotted into place and a few memories surfaced, fragile and weak, but containing the skills to create its first defenders. One memory would stay, the others would perish to feed it.

> Kobolds: Fairly weak, but can build a wide variety of traps and defenses to give themselves the edge in combat
> Sproutlings: Every sproutling starts small, but grows over time, becoming mighty monsters given enough time.
> Golems: Tiny machine life that can combine together into larger more menacing machines.
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