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Heretic Cultivator Quest 7.5

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Previous chapters:
Lost chapter (thread 7):

You are the Sagacious, matchlessly cunning and elegant Demonic Beast Huānliúxuè (欢流血, Happy Bloodshed/ Happy to Shed Blood), blessed with boundless innate and natural talent and destined inheritor of the forgotten and wrongfully vilified legacy of the great Primordial beasts and empress of all things wild and all places where the dead are buried. Having realized that your predecessors, the Magical beasts that had existed and held the mantle you seek to reclaim from the mud and filth it was cast into by the unlawful and unjust rule of the heavens and its celestial bureaucracy, had nearly universally possessed the ability or knew a technique to take on a human form, you reached the conclusion that it'd be unbecoming for the sole wild princess beneath the heavens to be unable to attain such a thing, and so sought to possess the technique so long ago lost to your people.

Having studied and contemplated an Ancient scripture left behind by one of the greatest Demonic Beasts to ever be born a second time, that being the Bestial Edict to Attain- Human Form (兽诏书为高达-人类形式, Shòuzhàoshūwèigāodá-Rénlèixíngshì) A divine tier relic from an era over ten generations passed, left behind by Niu Bingweng, who also created the common place orthodox law of cultivation, the Mountain Shattering hammer (㟑震裂榔头, Bózhènlièlángtou), you came to the realization that part of the process to assuredly achieve the potential to posses an alternative human form alongside the housecat body you were born into and take great pride in the natural beauty and power of, that you must come to an understanding of human nature and find out what separates mankind from all other beasts.

Deciding the most effective means of reaching an insight concerning humanity and the civilization they populate, would be to walk amongst them as one of their number, you decide to take a leave from the safety of your subterranean temple beneath the mountain that seals the catacombs of the forgotten king and the bloodless war, and possessed the village doctor Yuyi, who was a student of yours in the ways and art of medicine, so you may, within her body learn how humans live and think by pretending to be her as you traveled throughout the land observing and contemplating the myriad ways and places humans lived in the hopes such study would reveal to you an insight concerning the rules and common sense of human society, as well as the true meaning of civilization.

Not long after you had began your journey, you came across a seeming deserted village, and were met by a gang of courageous and kind old men, who were preparing to fight back against bandits who had deserted from the Chuan army, who had ransacked the poor farmers of what little wealth they had, as well as their daughters.
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CrabEvo: Crabbening

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CrabEvo: You pick a crab, you make a small modification to it, and upload it. Ideally you have a narrative, tell a story about how your crab endures against the environment and other crabs. Is this an arms race or a story of symbiosis? Evolving your own crab? This is fine. Evolving other people's crab? Also fine. A species is not extinct unless I say so, they just fade into the background.

Setting: The small island is home to a simple collection of soft shelled crab like creatures. A bubbling, steaming, muddy plain in the center is warm at night, but a bit too hot during the day to be comfortable. From the bubbling mud comes precious nutrients. The terrain of mud gives way to a brackish delta all around the island, in turn giving way to expansive shallows of salt and silt.

A crab can live here comfortably, but without advancement, it will never thrive, it will never amount to anything.
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Small-scale Civilization Quest

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I think most civ threads die because QMs are too ambitious so I'm starting a small scale civ thread with small population & few characters.

>choose race
>choose place
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Hearthstone Quests

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What is the quest needed to obtain this card?


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NSA AGENT you have the right to remain silent, you have the right to make a call, you have a granted lawyer, and remember everything you say will be used against you in court, you have been arrested for colaborating with the intelligence of the 4chan 5g fifth generation warfare intelligence.
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Civilization Thread

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Pick race and location
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Generic Civ quest #1

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Welcome to my Civ quest game. I have prompts and some stuff ready for one of three types of civs.

A. Humans(generic game)
B. Dwarfs(some flavor but play similar to humans)
C. Vampires(some similarity to humans but lots of special rules and extra flavor)
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Body Horror Quest, 54th Vein

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Your name is Shu, and you’ve come a long way at the end of the world.

The earth you once knew has been devoured, consumed from without by a ravenous being from beyond the stars. Humanity’s been reshaped into a vicious, feral thing by the Crucible, their bodies twisted into raging beasts of muscle and bone, voices and minds warped into tools of war. The Daughters—combatants elected by the Crucible to fight and devour their fellows to reach even the apex of hideous strength—are perhaps the lucky ones, granted the freedom of choice in a world where most humans, flora, and fauna have been melted down into a carpet of raw biomass that’s pulled taut across our world.

Like every other Daughter in existence, you can feel the pull—gnawing at your bones, pulling every fiber of your being towards the tether between a mutilated earth and an alien sky. You call it the Cord, and it’s said that reaching its summit will grant the Crucible’s victor the power to reshape all that is into all that will be.

A siren’s song, beckoning you to the end of all things…

…but with your family at your back, you’ll tear the Cord to the ground and build a world humanity can thrive in.

Here, at the edge of the cancerous sea of churning biomass that spreads from the Cord’s base it towers over you, the skyline filled with its terrible form—a living scar slashed against reality, joining earth and sky with the pain of a throbbing wound. It spans the whole of your vision, looking for all the world like a solid wall of blackened flesh and skyscraper muscle.

It’s a stark reminder of where you are and what’s become of humanity, a noose around their collective neck. A festering thing, whose corruption’s made a mockery of the countless souls lost in pursuit of simple desperation and lofty dreams. You’re about to tread on a million lives, hoping to save a billion more.

Hope is all you have, in the end…

…hope, and those by your side.


Previous Vein:


Character Abilities:

Trypophilic Hive, Ver. 3:

Relics, Ver. 7:

Dual Techs:

Character Profiles:

Quest Fan Works:

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Fall of the Regime: 2nd Term

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Hail, Samuel "Chainsaw" Evil, our glorious leader! You are the rightful sovereign of this glorious nation of Paneira, through your firm but benevolent leadership you have advanced the people of this country. Although some foreign nations decry you as a dictator, you are loved and respected by your populace. Your military stand strong to defend this country, and your bureaucrats fair and just. Truly, it is by your immortal, Lich hands that this nation is great.

Or so it would seem.

In truth, it's not easy to manage a country. While you've managed to violently supress a gang war using your military, placate an eco-cult and Indigenos-lead environmentalist protest by proposing a replantation program, and shot down and captured an unidentified flying giant woman that caused mass cattle deaths, problems still exist. From the international hitman 'Soleil' still lurking in your borders, to the mysterious mercenaries who dispersed a Neges wage protest, and this thing about a Zayyine smuggler who supplied heavy arms to gangs which might be a Zayyine spy.

It's not easy being a dictator!
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The Last Era of Men: Kingdom Of Patriarchy

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The desert kingdom of Carmine. Home to inhospitable territory, a blazing sun which never ceases to scorch all earth beneath it. Home of men who rule both the home and land. It is a land of masculinity, a land where only the strong can survive. Women cannot hold positions of power, and are subject to the whims of their husbands.

The Lions of Carmine were once proud warriors who believed heavily in honor, dignity and respect. But a number of issues both internal and abroad leave it struggling for survival. You're here to save that failing kingdom. The Azure cities are a collection of rotting piles of estrogen. Adorned gaudily with statues to further extol them as goddesses. You escaped Artemisia in the land of Azure, to find out what it truly means to be a man. To leave behind what was in the past, and carve out a new destiny for yourself.

Your name, Is Mist Aeon. And this, is your story of redemption.

With you, you brought of course,

1. A mighty Wyvern Steed who flies quickly, and has powerful breath to exterminate enemies

2. A Lark, member of an extreme feminist movement in chains as your slave.

3. A trove of wealth to start over with a new life
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