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Boruto Quest Shippuden Part 8

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This is Boruto Quest, a quest set in the universe of Naruto. It is during the generation of Naruto's son. I haven't kept up with the series beyond the end of the original one, so this one is intended to recapture the feel of that time of Naruto. I will not be incorporating the main show or the Boruto movie's plot into the quest, although some recognizable characters will be present.

You play as Takeshi. A highly capable Chunin, who is returning from years of training with Sasuke Uchiha. A new journey is starting.

As always, voting rules are as follows. Voting is typically completed following 15 minutes after the first vote. This may be subject to change according to activity.

Takeshi's Skills and Abilities
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DC: Henchman Quest #16

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Your name is Sean Clayton, aka Gunsmoke, aka Adjutant Tango. Last time, you escaped the clutches of Task Force X, returned to your old stomping grounds, laid the foundations for a revolution, and won a long-awaited showdown.

Now, you’re standing face to face with Pedraza, intent on taking him into custody and solidifying his fall from grace.

> Hello everyone, and welcome back to another issue of DC: Henchman Quest! As always, I’m AxisQM. Rules are simple but flexible: 20-30 minutes to vote / roll what I say, rolls count even if you (or I) mess up the modifier, crit successes override, write-ins encouraged. If rolls / votes are slow to come in, I’ll do my best to adjust for it. Our cover art is courtesy of an eternally blessed anon, still one of my personal highlights of the quest.


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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Quest #11

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You are Blair Weaver. Mercenary captain. Dark Flier. Witch. Over the past five years, you’ve been busy making a name for yourself as the leader of the Blackwings, a renowned mercenary company that has seen victory across several fronts of the ongoing Fodlan Unification War. Your newfound profession brought you into conflict against the Adrestian Empire, the Faerghus Dukedom, and the Fodlan Orthodox Church, with you coming out on top each bout. After having served the nobles of the Faerghus Kingdom for several years, you then found yourself in the direct employment of Claude von Riegan, leader of the Leicester Alliance. While in his service, you played a pivotal role in helping drive back an invasion from the neighboring nation of Almyra.

You’ve done well at playing the role of mercenary, but you haven’t forgotten your true objective. To uncover and rout the mysterious organization of “shapeshifters” that have infiltrated the Adrestian Empire, and that turn humans into Demonic Beasts. Receiving a tip from Claude about a travelling merchant working as a spy for the Empire, you and your company tracked him down. During the brief but violent battle, your suspicions proved accurate, with the merchant summoning Demonic Beasts to attack you. Unfortunately, you killed the man before you could question him, but he left behind a clue. A book written in a mysterious language you could not read.

Now, you’ve returned to the capital of Leicester, Derdriu, where you plan on reporting to Claude on the success of your mission, as well as finding out what comes next.

Blackwings Company Info/Supports List:

>Blair Weaver
>Level 33 Seraph Knight (50/100)
HP: 52 (90%)
STR: 27 (40%)
MAG: 23 (50%)
DEX: 24 (45%)
SPD: 36 (65%)
LCK: 21 (30%)
DEF: 22 (50%)
RES: 20 (40%)
CHARM: 18 (45%)

>Personal Skill:
Fiery Blood+ (+4 Damage and +3 Speed when HP is not at Max)
Transmute: Up to 5x during a battle, you can make a physical attack deal magic damage
+2 STR
+5 HP

>Offensive Skills:
Lancefaire: (+5 DMG when attacking w/ Lance)
Black Tomefaire (+5 DMG w/ magic)
Darting Blow (+6 SPD when attacking)

>Defensive Skills
Rally Spectrum+ (+5 to ally’s stats)
Swordbreaker (+20 Hit and Avoid when facing Sword users)
Alert Stance+ (+40 Avoid when not engaged)

Lance: A
Authority/Tactics: A
Reason: A
Flying: A
Axe: D
Sword: D-
Heavy Armor: D

Fire (E Rank, +3 DMG, 10 Uses)
Thunder (D Rank, +5 DMG, +10% Crit, 5 Uses)
Aircalibur (C Rank, +3 DMG, 3x DMG against flyers, 5 Uses)
Fimbulvetr (B Rank, +12 DMG, +10% Crit, Area of Effect, 3 Uses)
Bolting (A Rank, (12 Damage, 15% Crit, Long Range Siege Magic. 2 Uses, Range: 20)

>Inventory: Silver Lance+, Axereaver, Magic Staff, Blessed Lance, Elixir(x3)
>Gold: 5650g
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Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest Volume 4

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You had the dream again last night.

It isn’t normal for members of the Rpetilian Master Race to dream. For most of your life, you certainly didn't. Even in more recent days, the ‘dreams’ you have experienced have been more akin to divine visions, from the Dark Gods Beyond and Below, appearing to offer advice, issue commands, make bargains. This is something… Different.

The dreams vary in exact composition and structure. They seem vivid in the moment, but as soon as you wake, they grow hazy, disjointed, distant. But you remember… Yes, you remember.

You remember green armour, etched and engraved with effigies of dragons in flight, dragons in battle…

You remember the blade, similarly-engraved with images of a dragon in throes is ignoble death.

The Green Knight is coming. The last of the Yosefs, butcherer of your mother. Upon his brow sits a Diadem of Clarity, vital to restoring your spiritual brother’s shattered psyche.

You have been having the dream for two months now, intermittently. Nothing ahs yet come of it, such that you have long concluded it holds no specific or urgent meaning. You’ve told no one of it, unwilling to compromise your position by admitting to the likely root cause: your partial mammalian heritage, corrupting your mind in response to the pressures of command and the looming threat of the Knight.

You have made great strides in the Bloodrise mountain range, ancestral home of the Red Dragon King who is your father’s distant progenitor. With the aid of your allies, you have subjugated and vassalized the local kobold clan, allied yourselves with a secretive society of dark elves and a barbarian race of ‘bugbears’ (who, admittedly, you have not heard from for the better part of a season), forged a yet-more-intimate alliance with a race of sentient caterpillars, and you have enslaved to your will dozens and defeated dwarves! You worked for this. BLED for this. Lost valued allies and even a loyal lover to make it happen. You may dream of the Green Knight’s vengeful blade when you sleep, but when you are AWAKE, you dream also: you dream of a new Copper Dragon Kingdom, with yourself sitting at its top, adored and venerated, respected and loved. You have not told the Serpent Priesthood of this ambition, lest your already-skeptical superiors order a change-of-command. You will NOT show weakness now, and risk losing it all.

Instead, you focus on the work ahead. You are the DRAGONBORN ANTIPALADIN, and you have great deeds to accomplish if you are to earn that title, or the yet more auspicious one of Dragon King.
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Gunship Quest III

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You are ||||||| ||||||||||| (PILOT-17), a gunship pilot working for the Suppression Bureau - a shadowy government organization founded to contain and neutralize anomalous threats. After terminating a summoned monstrosity and recruiting a few team members, you accept an invitation to attend a religious service run by the sanctioning branch...


[New players are always welcome, as is feedback]
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Starting line

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Pick a class.
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You're Invited! - 2nd Coil

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You are Wallace Whitehorse, an acclaimed private detective who was granted a generous length of leave from your agency. Curiously, you received a letter informing you about a completely pre-paid trip to a place called The Red Spiral. It turned out to be a holiday resort on a tropical island, though you and the twenty-two other guests soon discovered there were no staff at all present, only unusual red mannequins in their place. When you touched one of them, you suffered a sudden seizure and awoke having been escorted to the emergency room by a kindly guest of the medical profession, Nicholas. While unconscious, you had a horrid dream about red tendrils grabbing a man. A dream that proved to instead be a prophetic vision.

Most of the guests were out on the beach, and then the spiraling coils descended, snatching people up. While that was happening, you witnessed the mannequins moving around like living creatures, many of them pouring out onto the beach. You warned one or two of your compatriots, snapping them out of their transfixion on the skywards beings, but were grabbed yourself. After an ultimately futile struggle, you passed out into the world of darkness and woke later that night, face buried in the sand. That is where our story continues, with you sitting up to address the unearthly occurrences that you and the others have just felt...

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The Big Tank (Evo)

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Big Tank, an Evo game where you collectively take simple creatures and help them fill niches and adapt to their environment by adding features to them in the drawing program of your choice!

Since we are starting a fresh tank today, the environment is comfortably warm, and we have three basic creatures to evolve: the Plimp, the Scut, and the Bleem. You can see small versions of them represented in the opening image of this thread, but individual pngs of them for you to edit will come in the next three posts.

Every so often I, your quest master, will change the enviroment and kill off all but the most well-adapted creatures. These creatures will become the starting animals for the next thread.
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Tekken Quest

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The King of Iron Fist tournament. A new craze that popped up two months ago, flooding the globe with newspaper articles, televised interviews, and general hype. The biggest martial art event the world has ever seen to date. Promising fame, glory, and gold to any who are victorious. Everyone invited, almost everything allowed.

The preliminaries have already begun. In twelve countries and 106 locations. Thousands and thousands of contestants surging towards them.
“Alright everyone!” one of the organizing staff addresses you and the other thirty people in waiting. “Please form a line, no pushing! We are going to register you by name. Then we put them into three different time brackets, and draw your opponents. Please be present for the time bracket.”

You were lucky and managed to be early in the line. The attendant writes your name down, and without looking up asks.
“Any preference for the bracket?”

>Early bracket, let’s get it over with
>Later today, want to see some fights
>Tomorrow sounds alright
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Heretic Cultivator Quest 7.5

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Previous chapters:
Lost chapter (thread 7):

You are the Sagacious, matchlessly cunning and elegant Demonic Beast Huānliúxuè (欢流血, Happy Bloodshed/ Happy to Shed Blood), blessed with boundless innate and natural talent and destined inheritor of the forgotten and wrongfully vilified legacy of the great Primordial beasts and empress of all things wild and all places where the dead are buried. Having realized that your predecessors, the Magical beasts that had existed and held the mantle you seek to reclaim from the mud and filth it was cast into by the unlawful and unjust rule of the heavens and its celestial bureaucracy, had nearly universally possessed the ability or knew a technique to take on a human form, you reached the conclusion that it'd be unbecoming for the sole wild princess beneath the heavens to be unable to attain such a thing, and so sought to possess the technique so long ago lost to your people.

Having studied and contemplated an Ancient scripture left behind by one of the greatest Demonic Beasts to ever be born a second time, that being the Bestial Edict to Attain- Human Form (兽诏书为高达-人类形式, Shòuzhàoshūwèigāodá-Rénlèixíngshì) A divine tier relic from an era over ten generations passed, left behind by Niu Bingweng, who also created the common place orthodox law of cultivation, the Mountain Shattering hammer (㟑震裂榔头, Bózhènlièlángtou), you came to the realization that part of the process to assuredly achieve the potential to posses an alternative human form alongside the housecat body you were born into and take great pride in the natural beauty and power of, that you must come to an understanding of human nature and find out what separates mankind from all other beasts.

Deciding the most effective means of reaching an insight concerning humanity and the civilization they populate, would be to walk amongst them as one of their number, you decide to take a leave from the safety of your subterranean temple beneath the mountain that seals the catacombs of the forgotten king and the bloodless war, and possessed the village doctor Yuyi, who was a student of yours in the ways and art of medicine, so you may, within her body learn how humans live and think by pretending to be her as you traveled throughout the land observing and contemplating the myriad ways and places humans lived in the hopes such study would reveal to you an insight concerning the rules and common sense of human society, as well as the true meaning of civilization.

Not long after you had began your journey, you came across a seeming deserted village, and were met by a gang of courageous and kind old men, who were preparing to fight back against bandits who had deserted from the Chuan army, who had ransacked the poor farmers of what little wealth they had, as well as their daughters.
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