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One Piece: Game of the Seas

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You slowly opened your eyes, watching the birds circling above you while you remained in a daze. You had no idea where you were, or who you were, all that you knew right now was that your body hurt like hell. What was going on? You tried to think back to the last thing you could remember... but you were just greeted with an empty haze of blankness... you couldn't remember a single damn thing about how you'd gotten into this situation! But then, just as you were losing hope of ever figuring out what the hell had happened to you, a window opened up in the middle of your vision... as if layered on top of the world.

<span class="mu-s">[Congratulations! You have died!]
“W-wha…?” you barely managed to utter out a surprised note before another screen replaced the first.

<span class="mu-s">[But don’t worry! You’ve been randomly selected to be granted a second chance! Though as a result, and for the sake of fairness, your personal memory has been erased! Of course, it’s understandable if you consider such a thing unfair, but as recompense, you’ve been granted a special boon to help you survive and prosper in this world!]
“A… a boon?” you were beyond confused as your continued to try to make sense of the nonsensical information that you were being bombarded with by the text box.

<span class="mu-s">[Correct! In your previous life, you weren’t exactly much of a person with what you might call a ‘life’, so your new ability will represent your favourite hobby in the slovenly life you lived!]
“H-hey! Stop mocking me!” you couldn’t really do much but protest helplessly against the mocking tone of the textbox, even if you knew practically nothing about your previous life, you weren’t exactly happy about having it mocked wholesale by some box of text! You were sure that you weren’t <span class="mu-i">that</span> bad that you needed to be mocked like this!

<span class="mu-s">[No.]
Another textbox quickly flashed up to replace the very brief one.

<span class="mu-s">[Your ability has been confirmed as ‘Life as a Game’ in which you will perceive and experience your new life as if you were a character in one of the games you adored so much in your prior life! Please, try not to be a massive disappointment again, you really don’t have an excuse this time!]
“Yeah… well screw you too.” you paused for a moment as you looked at the box of text with irritation. “Anything else you feel the need to tell me, or… are you gonna go now?”

<span class="mu-s">[Oh, right. A few more things! To determine the stats of yourself or another, you may use your first Skill: Observe. This will allow you to gain a detailed summary on yourself, on those of similar strength to yourself, and on those weaker than you! To use it, you just need to think the name and will yourself into using it, it’s a ‘Mental’ skill! The last thing you need to know… is that you aren’t alone, and people have been staring at you for some time! Tahtah for now!]
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A Scholar's Royal Road

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Park Dae-sung rubbed his neck awkwardly as the installers installed the virtual reality capsule in his room. He probably could have installed it himself, but thought that it would be more convenient to just pay the installation fee. He watched carefully as the men carefully screwed the wires into place onto the capsule, connecting it to the house's electricity grid.
He's heard a lot about how people have been making money from playing in virtual reality, and scrounged up enough of his saving to purchase the capsule and a basic subscription to the game. If anything, it should serve as a entertaining distraction from the cesspool he called his life.
He flipped open his bankbook and groaned pitifully at the miniscule balance. He could probably make it last. Probably. Royal Road was nothing if not popular. Back when he was attending college, it was all the upperclassmen would talk about, not that he had any interest in listening. Oh how he regretted it now.
Well, he thought to himself, this is always how he played video games. He always did prefer to know nothing about the games he would play. It give you a more unadulterated experience that is aligned to the vision of the author of the work.
The handymen quickly made short work of the remaining installation as they nodded on the way out of his home. It was his first time playing VR so he took some time to take care of his human needs before opening the futuristic device and crawling inside. He licked his lips as the machine span to life. The game quickly started as it began asking for his information.
He chose the name "Grim", it definitely was on the edgy side, but he chose it as his handle when he was twelve and somehow it stuck until now. The game quickly asked him to customize a character, he needed to decide quick or he might just get stuck on this for the next hour without making any progress.

>Just you.
>Peak male performance!
>Androgyny for the genealogy.
>Anime Bishie Boy.
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Air Wing Commander Quest. #3

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The great war has been going on for over half a year now as hopes for the war to end quickly are starting to die as trench warfare has really set in. While there has been some losses, the rest and recuperation that the brave pilots of 14e Escadre Mixte "Liberté" has ended. And for the past month vital recon has been done by Blanc who's pilots are in quite high spirits, while Bleu has suffered further as the Bergen's still prove formidable foes. However, it is time for all of Blanc's work to be put to the test as new possible equipment for the two seater aircraft has been made available for requisition. You, lieutenant-colonel Helene Valmont, stare at your desk as you plan to write some of the most important orders of the air war so far as a grand spring offensive is about to start...


This is a continuation of the last Air Wing Commander Quest Thread. I plan on continuing this until real life kills me literally or metaphorically, you get yourself killed, or the war ends. Rules are on the first page of the original thread, and the second thread is also listed below in order.
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Song of Civilizations

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Welcome to Song of Civilizations, a somewhat-cozy civ quest attempting in a Late Bronze Age world! Some rules and light setting details will follow in the next post. Let’s get started with some basic decisions!

1. Who are we?
City-states and fledgling empires fill our world, but from which do our people originate? This identity is not binding and our people can assume a new name at any time. This is only to provide a baseline and a general starting situation.

>Refugees of a recently sacked city-state
>Bound by common purpose to rebuild
>May be hunted by old enemies

>Colonists from an expansionist city-state
>City-state may provide supplies if requested
>Must provide tribute to city-state when requested

>Worshipers of a god not yet accepted to the pantheon
>Ultimate goal is to have god become more widely accepted
>Must choose Votaal as patron

2. Which god is the patron of our people?
While our people do worship the greater pantheon, there is one that we see as our true patron. This is not an exhaustive list but are the major deities of the time.

>Chief and currently most beloved god
>God of civilization and society
>Clean shaven man with hammer and chisel

>Oldest and most widely known god
>God of language and storytelling
>Scrawny traveler carrying a bindle stick

>Husband of Netti
>God of duty and public service
>Bearded man carrying the Sun in a ox-driven wagon

>Wife of Kol
>God of protection and community
>Woman holding a crescent shield

>Restricted to VOTI people
>God of justice and restitution
>Many people mistake him as encouraging destructive, vengeful acts
>Players decide his iconography in same spirit as other gods

3. In which land do our people choose to settle?
Our people look to the Eastern mountains and its many lakes and valleys for their new home. Information on this range is sparse, but from what little we do know the particular area that we are heading to has three prospective sites.

>Several small rivers cut through the heart of this primordial forest. Its pines are said to bleed a black sap that can sometimes be found in strange marketplaces. If an area of this forest can be cleared, its plentiful natural resources seem perfect for our people’s needs.

>A massive spring-fed lake sits at the heart of one of the larger valleys. It is said to be plentiful with fish and able to provide easy travel if boats can be made. A similar group that settled in this area disappeared some years ago, leaving many of our people fearful of finding a similar fate.

>This hilltop rests along a major river that runs well with fish in the spring and summer. Ancient stone foundations are found all along this area, and it has been used as a meeting place for mountain travelers for many years. The site is surrounded by vibrant prairies and steaming bogs, and if our people claim this area it has potential to become a hub of trade and travel.
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Small Town Noir

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Welcome to Smalltown Noir. This is going to be a relatively short quest. Not many rules besides write-ins staying in line with the story at hand. Have fun. Story begins below.
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QTG: Late Summer is Best Summer Edition

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>What is a quest?
An interactive story in which the QM (Quest Master, Quester Molester, Queer Masochist) writes and provides the readers with options on how to proceed. Dice may or may not be included due to on-site functionality.

Questionably Useful links:

A collection of guides which may or may not still be active, but can be good for general writing advice to avoid common beginner's traps. Badly in need of renovation.

>Archive of quest reviews:
Worth reading through, because the best way to figure out how a quest might go right or wrong is to see how it's been done before.

>Archiving guide:
Go to
Fill out the request form to archive a thread.
Threads are also automatically archived by other websites, such as

>QTG Discord:
For some reason

>Formatting guide:
Only the thread's OP can format.
Remove the spaces between the [] brackets and the letters:
Bold: <span class="mu-s">text</span>
Italics: <span class="mu-i">text</span>
Red: [ red ]<span class="mu-r">text</span>[ /red ]
Blue: [ blue ]<span class="mu-b">text</span>[ /blue ]
Green: [ green ]<span class="mu-g">text</span>[ /green ]

>QM Question:
Have your players ever surprised you with a write-in or attempt to get more information? Have you ever had to really wing it if they have?

>Player Question
Do you ever persuade people into voting for the option you want to vote for? If you have, when? If not, why not try it, you might get them to vote with you.

>General Question
When do/should you give up? Either as a QM or a player.

>Misc. Question
For everyone in the northern hemisphere, how's your summer going? Did you do anything special?

>Lurker Question
There is no question. Vote.
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Terra Noir #1. Animal Control

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129 Terra Noir Introduction (preface) Terra Noir is the third planet from the star in a solar system designated 2087EL1. It is the first "Earthlike" planet ever discovered that was proven to be able to support carbon based life. Just under 5 light years from Earth, it is about one and a half times the size of Earth. This planet is very similar to Earth in some ways. An atmosphere rich in nitrogen and oxygen. But completely alien in other ways. Like the fact that there are no oceans. The entire surface of the planet is one large land mass dotted with numerous lakes, some large and some small and cris-crossed with rivers and tributaries. Much of the surface of the land mass is covered in dense vegitation. Unlike Earth, Terra Noir has no deserts. If Earth was named "The Blue Planet" because it is mostly ocean, then Terra Noir would definitely be called "The Green Planet". Make no mistake, though, there is plenty of water on Terra Noir, and it's all fresh water. In some places a person can't walk two miles in any direction without encountering a lake or a river. A trip up into the mountains would reveal mile high waterfalls more beautiful than any found on Earth. Some of the biggest physical differences though, are the fact that there are two moons, both of which have sustainable atmosphere, and the fact that animal life never developed on Terra Noir. The first scout ship orbited the planet four times looking for life signs before confirming the absence of non-plant life. A more intensive scan confirmed the absence of even microscopic organisms. This caused a problem for the scientists back on Earth. Terra Noir could not be colonized if there was no animal life. It simply failed to spring up like it did on Earth. This was not totally unexpected, but it did slow things down quite a bit. The planet would have to be "seeded" with animal life. The science teams decided that the needed to start with aquatic life and at the bottom of the food chain. On Earth, there are microscopic organisms that feed on the algae in the water. Once it was learned that these same organisms could live in the fresh water of Terra Noir, the waters of the planet were flooded with them. Then slightly larger organisms that feed on those microscopic organisms were introduced and allowed to flurish, then larger and larger animals were eventually introduced. By the time of the first settlement, the waters of Terra Noir were ready to be fished
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Alien Prison Ship Quest 2

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An unexpected rocket collision leaves you marooned on an unknown alien ship, held in captivity by hostile xenos with only your wits, your guts, and the friends you make along the way. Can you escape the Alien Prison Ship Quest 2™: LeChuck's Revenge?

Previous thread:

(Sorry for the wait. I got lazy.)
(Western Quest(ern) will return after this quest finishes, which may run for 1 or 2 more threads, depending on pacing.)
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Do Your Best #134

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During your investigation to find out more about the ghost (Duckrothy) inside Kobashi’s home, an earthquake and some sort of shockwave hit simultaneously, causing the home owner and his new daughter to fall unconscious, bringing the research to a halt. They’re both fine otherwise. You’re trying to get a hold of yourself as you learned that there’s another uninvited guest (Houda) here, and Naiad informed you that the gate is ready for you to leave the bubble dimension! Was the sudden movement a result of that? Or was it something else?

A lot to process in a short amount of time…

“That’s great news!” You mentally send the information to the fairy through the fish hat on your pinky.

“You mind passing that over?” Houda is requesting the pic back. “No matter how charming Vanessa is, that harrowing image must be kept sealed from the eyes of this uncaring world.”

“Quack.” Dorothy wants you to find Lise to seal her fate.

“One at the time, please...” You want order.

“I’m playing second fiddle to a mere duck? It’s a fabulous bird, but it hurts the soul.” Houda isn’t happy being as important as a bird.

“It’s complicated.” You scratch the back of your head.

“As things usually are with you.” Houda smiles with interest in what’s going on.

“Quack!” Dorothy stands her ground and asks the thief to stay out.

“Rowdy boy…” Houda covers his ears to stop the sound of the quacking.

“Girl.” You point out.

“A lively lady then.” Houda doesn’t mind the correction.

You asked the thief to help you put the unconscious onto the bed and sofa respectively. They’re breathing normally, sleeping soundly – no need to worry too much.

<span class="mu-s">What do you do?</span>

>Wait for Kobashi and Fiora to wake up.
>Hand over the photo to Houda so that he can leave.
>Ask Naiad to make contact with Xavi, Lise and… Scarlet. Duckrothy will know the answer to her troubles.
>Ask Naiad and Duckrothy what just happened. They might have the answers.
>Write In.
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>Previous game >>5389898

<span class="mu-s">Chapter 1: Tissue Supply</span>

You have now been edging for 16 hours, not by choice but there's no tissue paper left.

You live in a small studio appartement.
You wonder if the tissue delivery will arrive on time, or if you have to continue until the next day.
You also start to get hungry and you've again run out of instant noodles.
You start to feel your PC muscle getting sore from this non-stop edging marathon.
>I wonder how much longer I can go

What do you do?
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