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Final Girl Quest - Chapter II

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Previously on Final Girl Quest:
Don't be discouraged if you're new, it's a short read. ;~;
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Pike and Shot Civil War Quest #1

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It is August, 1642, and a breathless man has just handed you a letter. In it, you read the news that is sweeping across England - the King has raised his banner in Nottingham, and declared the Parliament in London to be in revolt. This moment has been coming for many years - the constant abuses of the King, his indulgence of catholics, his defeat in Scotland and his failure to defeat the Confederate Rebels in Ireland have inflamed many. At the same time, many stand by King Charles - Parliament, though it claims to stand for the liberty of all English Protestants, has been insubordinate to their rightful liege, and many of its number are wild puritans, extreme in religion and repressive in law.

The British Isles have not been quiet in many decades, but now they are to be washed in blood. God's eyes have turned from the land, and men are left to slay, slaughter and pillage in hope of victory. Both sides claim to represent law, freedom, true protestant religion and good order. Both sides, in the years to come, will stain the green fields of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales with gore.

>Which side are you on?
>Roundhead - You're a committed Parliamentarian, a firm believer that this ancient assembly is the only way to guard the liberties of Englishmen. You believe in a true church to worship God and destroy Catholic papistry at every turn, and you believe the King has over-stepped his rights and repressed his English subjects.
>Cavalier - You are a servant of His Majesty Charles I, King of England, Scotland and Ireland, by the grace of god. The upstarts in Parliament are rebels, and nothing more - traitors, who would invite the Presbyterian Scots into England and tear down the rightful rulers of the land - the king and his nobles. They must be put down - and besides, Puritanism is a miserable way to live when there is all the glory and beauty of court to be had.
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Pizzeria Quest

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Pizzeria Quest Continued:


(Links to various Days/Nights up to the current one are at the top of the Archive)

Prior thread:

*Art Credited to Gloop
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The Graverobber's Daughter IX

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<span class="mu-i">“What little physiology Sea-Shades have is largely indeterminate, however, there is enough there that is discrete enough for naturalists to make sense of. In spite of common misconceptions, these beasts do in fact have brains, which are always located exactly at the center of their mass. They are capable of creating pseudopodia seemingly at will, to function as fists, mouths, and fundamentals. Additionally, they have eyes and teeth, and while is believed that they are born with a fixed number of both, usually anywhere from one to three dozen eyes and a few hundred teeth, they seen to be able to distribute them throughout themselves as they please.

Beyond that, they have nerves, suspended throughout their gelatinous, glowing bodies. Unlike other Ichor-bearing beasts with veins for the Ichor to be pumped through, the Sea-Shade has their Ichor suspended throughout themselves and is so apt and so capable at the direction of the forces induced through that Ichor, that they are able to approximate function and labors of muscle, while not possessing an ounce of flesh. It is actually a matter of contention between naturalists as to what constitutes the ‘stomach’ of a Sea-Shade. Some believe that these beasts have a protective skin of gelatinous acid, layered over their body, and somewhere inside lies a stomach that can be formed and unformed at will, where food is sent to be digested. Others believe that the entire body of the Sea-Shade is the ‘stomach’, and that all it needs to do to eat something is simply subsume it.

Given the nature of their bodies, it is unclear if it is even possible for one to die of sickness or of advanced age. In fact, the only way to determine the age of a Sea-Shade is through their teeth, which grow larger, layer by layer throughout their entire life. By cutting the tooth, and counting the layers, one can accurately estimate the age of a specimen, much like one could with the rings of a tree. Interestingly, if a tooth is lost, but the Sea-Shade still has the nerve root that belonged to it, it can replace the tooth with an appropriately hard object – such as bone from a fish, a rock from the seafloor, a cannonball – and it will even start to grow enamel over it, layer by layer. Furthermore, there have been many documented cases of specimens taken with teeth much larger and older than the rest, obvious evidence of inter-species competition, scavenging, and cannibalism – or just scavenging and cannibalism, if you agree with the single-species hypothesis laid out in <span class="mu-s">The Nautical Naturalist, Vol IX</span>.

With the average specimen brought up by Oilers having a diameter of eighty feet at sea-level, Sea-Shades are among the smallest of the Ichor-bearing beasts in this Bestiary. Moreover, they are easily the lightest, as for all of its size, a typical catch tips the scales at less than a long ton. However, their most important distinction is that they are the amongst the most sought after of all of the Ichor-bearers.”</span>
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Operation GAIA

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The year is 2724. Humanity is amidst a golden age of peace. Nations have ceased to waste resources and human lives on things like war, division and chaos. The past 150 years has coined the human races efforts in the space sector as "The Great Space Boom" or "Space Boom". 70 Years prior to the transcript which you're reading (God I hope someone reads this, please) there was an amazing first-time interaction from 8 species of humanoid-like races from our nearest galactic neighour the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy (0.008 megaparsecs from the Central Agency Milky Way hub. I won't get into that now, but to be brief, they are all quite peaceful. Some quite reminsicent of the ancient stories about the Natives of Old Americas. With technological advancements in our current age, it has now given humanity the ability to do almost anything.

While the AI scare of the primitive 21st century types was 'understandable', it's been furthest from an issue in terms of hostility to the human race, however we have had problems with AI. Which is the reason for this transcript.

July, 2781 - Humanities technological assistant and collaborative partner, GAIA (Global Artificial Intelligence Airpsace), goes awal. A vast network that sustains complete and open source privacy to every human being on the planet, which helps assist in everything from destroying new diseases or viruses before they take flight, to digital uploading of medical needs via 3D printing to anywhere in the world, at anytime.

The GAIA system was under a new project never undertaken. For the first time, our scientists were able to retain ancient data and hardware from the early modern century. We were finally about to have first hand experience of what the SolSys network was like during its infancy, when it was only accessible on (barely) Earth, known as Internet as the time.

When everything turned to hell, was when GAIA archived and analyzed information from a small sector of early 21st century internet habitants. It caused her to malfunction. Shut down and never recover as of yet.

We've analyzed the bug that caused the crash, and what we have concluded is we need the data which caused the crash to reverse engineer the damage caused. There were some keywords in the repair prompt along with an image.

The only keywords were "OP is a faggot" from an interface discussion on "4chan" which was also accompanied by a (inanimate, non violent) image upload.

What was the image that caused the crash?
Well, we send this message out via our only prototype time-delay transfer system. We're hoping this reaches the 4chan and OP.

Please tell us. Who is faggot, and what was his image?!

Hunter X Hunter Quest: Chapter 2- Episode 6: Hello X Goodbye

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How wonderful it is to see you all again.
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The Rings of Power: A New Beginning

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There was an era in which great powers were forged, kingdoms rose to glory and fell to ruin, unlikely heroes were tested, hope hung by the finest of threads.
<span class="mu-s">Choose Your Character</span>
>Galadriel: an Elven warrior who believes evil is returning to Middle-earth
>Nori: a Harfoot with a yearning for adventure
>Bronwyn: a human mother and healer who owns an apothecary in the Southlands
>Durin IV: the prince of the Dwarven city of Khazad-dûm
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You are in dire need of a toilet
How do you acquire one before your pants become soiled?
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Horror World #6

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You can't recall much before the Invasion began. In fairness, most people - the handful that probably remain that is, couldn't. All you remember before the sky came apart and the world got plunged into an unending nightmare is a sudden bright light. Not unlike the sun, but brighter and worse somehow. Much, much worse.

Just a short while ago, you, a completely unremarkable Power User were doing as you usually had, scavenging and salvaging from the corpse of a long-dead world. Now, you were in over your head and dealing with the consequences. You only pray that things will not get any worse than this.

Previous Thread: >>5355429

Character Profile, Resources and Abilities:

Thread Archive:

Rolls will almost always be a best of 3 1d100 from every player participating. DC will vary and will depend on what's being rolled for.
1 and 100 are a crit fail and a crit success respectively. In the event that both a good and bad crit are rolled simultaneously, the good will outweigh the bad one unless two or more 1's are rolled.
Vote periods will close from around 50 minutes after posting to 1 or 2 hours, or after a unanimous agreement between posters.
In the event that a tie is made between two different rolls, a tiebreaker roll will be made to decide which course of action to take.
Asking for more context behind a given choice is welcome and a vote extension can be given in the event that someone can convincingly sway other people to another vote.
Rules may be changed at my own discretion for any reason.
Write-ins are always welcome and are actively encouraged so long as they aren't extremely out of character.
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Brave Magical World - Character Generation

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First, a history lesson. Don't worry. We won't be here long.
Ah - no questions. Not yet. I'll tell you when you can ask, just be patient.

So. Twenty years ago. Two thousand, year of someone's lord. World is, more or less, as you know it. Mundane. Kept that way - powerful NGO with lots of ties, and lots of fingers in lots of pies, kills and imprisons magical beings for the good of man. Questionable if it did them any good. Probably got a lot of magical beings angry, mostly kept them scared, hidden, or dead. These monsters that killed monsters, they were the Blackguard. I'm sure some of you listening - hell, maybe most - might agree with them. History does not.

Fifteen years ago. Two thousand five. Blackguard are rooted out. Made public. Sides are drawn. Some countries are taken over, some brutally. "For the good of man-", they said, often. "A needed sacrifice." Other countries, give in without a fight. Still others side with the magical creatures. This is the Blackguard War. Heroes rise from all over, join together. Alisa Zolner. Rostislav. Isaac the Ward. The war - fueled by magic on both sides alongside military tech - is long, bloody, and damaging. To the world, and to its people. The Blackguard falter.

Ten years ago. Two thousand ten. The war ended three years ago. The world is now standing in a battlefield with theaters all over that has introduced them to a new minority: Thaumics. Magical beings of all sorts, builds, abilities, hungers, lifespans. These years are marked by turbulence that still, in some flavor, lasts today. No one can agree on anything, it seems. Division is rife in all walks of life, fear and hate present in seemingly any conversation. Thaumics pull away from heavily populated cities, some of them taking significant money and workforces with them. Unmasked celebs slip away from public life. Humanity finds itself oddly alone again, as the wonderous creatures they saved and harbored slink away in fear again.

Five years ago. Two thousand fifteen.
Almost in silence, almost without another word, cities sprout from the American Midwest, in the Russian wilderness, in all sorts of barely-populated places. The power of magic and the educated Thaumics comes together to rise cities, modern cities full of the half-implemented conveniences present in others. Various governments work together to give land over, making various deals with the Thaumics to hand them their own proto-nation that is spread across the planet. City One, in America, and the other four, scattered around the world, represent the Thaumic Nation. A loose, newborn experiment. These cities are, technically, part of the government of their "parent nations", but are working towards a peaceful independence over time.

We've talked about the past.

Now. Let's talk about you...
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