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One Piece: Game of the Seas

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You slowly opened your eyes, watching the birds circling above you while you remained in a daze. You had no idea where you were, or who you were, all that you knew right now was that your body hurt like hell. What was going on? You tried to think back to the last thing you could remember... but you were just greeted with an empty haze of blankness... you couldn't remember a single damn thing about how you'd gotten into this situation! But then, just as you were losing hope of ever figuring out what the hell had happened to you, a window opened up in the middle of your vision... as if layered on top of the world.

<span class="mu-s">[Congratulations! You have died!]
“W-wha…?” you barely managed to utter out a surprised note before another screen replaced the first.

<span class="mu-s">[But don’t worry! You’ve been randomly selected to be granted a second chance! Though as a result, and for the sake of fairness, your personal memory has been erased! Of course, it’s understandable if you consider such a thing unfair, but as recompense, you’ve been granted a special boon to help you survive and prosper in this world!]
“A… a boon?” you were beyond confused as your continued to try to make sense of the nonsensical information that you were being bombarded with by the text box.

<span class="mu-s">[Correct! In your previous life, you weren’t exactly much of a person with what you might call a ‘life’, so your new ability will represent your favourite hobby in the slovenly life you lived!]
“H-hey! Stop mocking me!” you couldn’t really do much but protest helplessly against the mocking tone of the textbox, even if you knew practically nothing about your previous life, you weren’t exactly happy about having it mocked wholesale by some box of text! You were sure that you weren’t <span class="mu-i">that</span> bad that you needed to be mocked like this!

<span class="mu-s">[No.]
Another textbox quickly flashed up to replace the very brief one.

<span class="mu-s">[Your ability has been confirmed as ‘Life as a Game’ in which you will perceive and experience your new life as if you were a character in one of the games you adored so much in your prior life! Please, try not to be a massive disappointment again, you really don’t have an excuse this time!]
“Yeah… well screw you too.” you paused for a moment as you looked at the box of text with irritation. “Anything else you feel the need to tell me, or… are you gonna go now?”

<span class="mu-s">[Oh, right. A few more things! To determine the stats of yourself or another, you may use your first Skill: Observe. This will allow you to gain a detailed summary on yourself, on those of similar strength to yourself, and on those weaker than you! To use it, you just need to think the name and will yourself into using it, it’s a ‘Mental’ skill! The last thing you need to know… is that you aren’t alone, and people have been staring at you for some time! Tahtah for now!]