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The 2nd Primarch Quest 20

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You are Lieren of Nothing, native of Shangrala, genius philosopher, skilled warrior, loyal friend, diligent builder, humble farmer and hunter by trade, Primarch by birth/creation, respected by all men who know you, loved by many, and feared by the evil hearted and villainous. Having met with your brother once chained, Angron Thal'kyr, after he freed himself and the vast majority of the slave population of the capital city of Nuceria, the jewel in the mountains, Desh'ea, the two of you brothers sat down by the fire after you had cast off the identity of Kynigos the Ancient, to both your liberated kinsman and your own, self trained followers, wiling away hours as dusk turned to night as his army of former slaves rested and recovered from the rigors and trials of fleeing from the kennels of their masters into the vast wilderness of the world beyond the grasping claws of the tyrants who ruled over it, far from the eyes of the villainous high riders or their techno barbaric legions.

You spoke of your own struggle against oppressors and corrupted dynasties, you explained the means you sued to travel from the distant fogs of Shangrala to the sandy plains and monolithic mountain ranges of Nuceria, and revealed that soon your brother's armies of pit fighters and servants would be reinforced with the very best fighters and warriors ever trained and fielded upon your homeworld. However, it was then he raised a troublesome question, after you had briefly explained the nature of the primarchs and their creation, as well as the existence of their legions of adeptus astartes. Namely, the reason for you brothers twenty were scattered and lost amongst the stars, denied from both each other and your nameless father, The one day emperor of mankind.

While you knew speaking the total truth would exposed Angron to wiles and manipulations, whose potential as a psykerist remained latent and buried, unlike the scholarly Magnus, who surpassed your own psionic power and ability by several steps, you knew that you had no place or right to feed him the lie your father had instructed you to share. That evil spirits were "aggressive aliens" or "Non sentient Warp entities", rather than the ruthlessly cunning devils and emotional parasites they truly were. However, your other brother, Perturabo, who had been bedeviled by the presence of the eye of terror's gaze, which spoke of the man's own potential to awaken as you had to your spiritual and mental powers, had provided you with a half truth that while it was no deception and revealed in part the reality of the scattering of the Primark's, hid away the dangerous knowledge your father wished to keep hidden and only spread as far as necessary to protect those who may otherwise be ensnared by the beings it concerned.