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Dragon's dungeon quest Volume 3

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You are Sidridijika [The Harbringer of Miracles] the white Magus, a crystal dragon. A young one, hatched in the early spring two months ago. Not a wyrmling anymore.
Your defining features are your Arcanic affinity; the legacy of your draconic ancestor, your Presence; inherent to your crystaline blood, and Strategy prowess, developped since you are an hatchling thanks to a cabinet filled with miniatures of soldiers from all the world's armies and a book detailling their forces and weaknesse; gifted reluctantly by your <span class="mu-s">Mother</span>.
You started a conflicting relationship with your litter. However, circumstances made you closer as you had to team up to survive the dreaded dragon hunters, which killed <span class="mu-r">Father</span>. Now you only have your prized crystal necklace as a memento: an extraplanar space you can fill with your own things, allies, or even unwilling enemies after an arcanic push.
What about <span class="mu-s">Mother</span>? Well, let's not talk about <span class="mu-s">Mother</span>.
Now you have bounded as a pack with <span class="mu-g">Little green</span>, the hard headed and tough fighter emerald dragon, <span class="mu-r">Little Purple</span>, the cunning and tinkering Amethyst dragon and <span class="mu-b">Little blue</span>, your favorite, alchemy-gifted, fighting-deficient, mind-reader favorite sister.
You luckily found really fast a location suitable for a lair worthy of your Pandraconium : a fallen dwarven hold, invaded with skavens, home of a Griffin and her cubs, which now have left the nest.
You are slowly tuning it to your taste and need, with the crafting of the three-moon astrolabus and the first field, effort to stabilize food production and not rely on hunt too much.
You drive out most of the skavens, with the help of chaos warrior you tricked to fight for you until their death, then become friend with the monster of the third floor.
You recruited nearby humans to serve as canon fodder against the rat tide coming right for your lair. The humans were lead by a young noble, Hector.
Your alliance destroyed the invading forces, killing the hundred skavens with only two lancers down. Hector tamed one of the griffin cub, named it Vaillant, and went on his own adventures while your larder was filled to the brim.
You then acquired your first inhabitant, an human girl named Agathe you healed from a condition crippling her mental abilities.