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Dwarf Adventures

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It is night. You have set up camp in the hollow of the roots of a great tree, resting your weary feet from your wanderings in this immense and labyrinthian forest. You are Khazad the Dwarf, and you are lost. As you pick absently at the small, merry campfire, you hear something rustle in the trees. Your heart leaps to your throat, hammering painfully like dwarven wedding drums. You snatch your sword and hold it before you, gripping it tight with both hands.

"Who's there?" you say. "Show yourself!" Then you repeat the command in all the languages you know. The last one, used by the human merchants that sometimes come to trade with the mountainhall, is answered by a weak voice, something between a rasp and a moan.

A man stumbles out of some bushes, his face briefly illuminated by the light of the campfire. Dark circles hang beneath his half-lidded eyes. His lips are chapped in the extreme. As he steps forward, he gasps for breath like a man who has just surfaced from a long dive. "Please..." he says. Then his eyes roll back and he collapses to the ground.

All is still. You cautiously poke the man with your sword, but, though he breathes, he does not stir. He seems to have only lost consciousness, likely from exhaustion, for you can see no injuries, no blood or wound—except for a strange bruise on the back of his neck, in the shape of curled fingers. You turn him over. He has a pair of daggers on his belt, and is dressed like a common traveler. He also has a satchel, as tattered and patchwork as your own knapsack, and a piece of yarn around his neck on which have been threaded a set of shiny lockpicks.

>Choose all that apply:
[ ] Rifle through his satchel
[ ] Take any valuables
[ ] Slit his throat
[ ] Monitor him through the night
[ ] Share some of your provisions with him
[ ] Inquire about his bruise
[ ] Write-in

I'm back. I wanted to give this another shot. I think I know what I did wrong the first time and I think I can do better this time around.
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DC: Henchman Quest #17

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Your name is Sean Clayton, aka Gunsmoke, aka Adjutant Tango. Last time, you put Delrio down for good, established the foundations for the Steel Wolves, returned home in triumph, and decided to kick back and relax for a while.

Now, you’re about to reach the first stop on your transcontinental road trip, the United Kingdom.

> Hello everyone, and welcome back to another issue of DC: Henchman Quest! As always, I’m AxisQM. Rules are simple but flexible: 20-30 minutes to vote / roll what I say, rolls count even if you (or I) mess up the modifier, crit successes override, write-ins encouraged. If rolls / votes are slow to come in, I’ll do my best to adjust for it. Our cover art is the brainchild of a generous anon, and still brightens my day whenever I think about it.


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Dragon's dungeon quest Volume 3

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You are Sidridijika [The Harbringer of Miracles] the white Magus, a crystal dragon. A young one, hatched in the early spring two months ago. Not a wyrmling anymore.
Your defining features are your Arcanic affinity; the legacy of your draconic ancestor, your Presence; inherent to your crystaline blood, and Strategy prowess, developped since you are an hatchling thanks to a cabinet filled with miniatures of soldiers from all the world's armies and a book detailling their forces and weaknesse; gifted reluctantly by your <span class="mu-s">Mother</span>.
You started a conflicting relationship with your litter. However, circumstances made you closer as you had to team up to survive the dreaded dragon hunters, which killed <span class="mu-r">Father</span>. Now you only have your prized crystal necklace as a memento: an extraplanar space you can fill with your own things, allies, or even unwilling enemies after an arcanic push.
What about <span class="mu-s">Mother</span>? Well, let's not talk about <span class="mu-s">Mother</span>.
Now you have bounded as a pack with <span class="mu-g">Little green</span>, the hard headed and tough fighter emerald dragon, <span class="mu-r">Little Purple</span>, the cunning and tinkering Amethyst dragon and <span class="mu-b">Little blue</span>, your favorite, alchemy-gifted, fighting-deficient, mind-reader favorite sister.
You luckily found really fast a location suitable for a lair worthy of your Pandraconium : a fallen dwarven hold, invaded with skavens, home of a Griffin and her cubs, which now have left the nest.
You are slowly tuning it to your taste and need, with the crafting of the three-moon astrolabus and the first field, effort to stabilize food production and not rely on hunt too much.
You drive out most of the skavens, with the help of chaos warrior you tricked to fight for you until their death, then become friend with the monster of the third floor.
You recruited nearby humans to serve as canon fodder against the rat tide coming right for your lair. The humans were lead by a young noble, Hector.
Your alliance destroyed the invading forces, killing the hundred skavens with only two lancers down. Hector tamed one of the griffin cub, named it Vaillant, and went on his own adventures while your larder was filled to the brim.
You then acquired your first inhabitant, an human girl named Agathe you healed from a condition crippling her mental abilities.
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Alterac Resurgent Quest 16

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It has been nine years since the fall of Alterac, after the King Aiden Perenolde betrayed the Alliance and sided with the Horde of Orgrim Doomhammer. For this betrayal, King Aiden Perenolde was dethroned and Alterac City was sacked. The nobles and population fled the land and the Kingdom of Alterac was no more.

You are Alric Perenolde, the Prince and second heir of Alterac. By the order of King Aiden, you were sent into temporary exile to be safe from the Second War. This exile turned permanent and Captain Normand Garside, your guardian for the past nine years, made sure that you were safe and learned the useful skills that would help you in the future.

Now nine years later in the year 15 after the opening of the Dark Portal, you are ready to take the responsibility and try to unite the scattered Alteraci people and reclaim the lands that were once the Kingdom of Alterac.

The Invasion of Strahnbrad Hills continues. You dealt with the immediate aftermath of your attack into the bandit camp and brought all the prisoners back to Tarren Mill. During your short visit to the town you heard the news of Queen Tiffin having died during the Stonemason riots in Stormwind and with the arrival of Lady Nalice to teach your spymaster, you made a promise to help the Stonemasons with the refugees.

Your return to Strahnbrad Hills didn’t go that well as during a scouting mission across the Darrowmere River, you were ambushed by gnolls and suffered a wound that forced you to return back to Tarren Mill. While staying in the town to rest and recover, you were approached by the wealthy House Barov with an offer that you couldn’t accept. They wanted practically to buy Strahnbrad Hills from you. Now you are visiting their estates near Tarren Mill and even if you felt disrespected by their offer, you opted to stay and listen what else they could have to say to you.

Welcome to Alterac Resurgent Quest!

/qst/ Archive:
Prince Alric Stats:
Quest Mechanisms:
Character List:
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Kill la Kill Quest 4: "In the Eye of the Beholder"

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Guess who's back? It's me! Welcome to Part 4 of Kill la Kill Quest!

Your name is Anon Meipan, you were a member of the lower class, the no-star student body until a chance encounter gave you an opportunity you'd never dreamed off. Becoming a member of the Elite Four.

I would get right into it but it's been a few months so let's do a quick recap.
Your name is Anon Meipan as stated above, you were a No Star student at Honnoji Academy before surprising circumstances landed you a spot on the Elite Four.
Following that, you layed low for a bit until you became involved with one Ryuko Matoi and became her friend.
After passing Elite Four initiation, you then deepen your friendships with Ryuko and a new girl Maiko.
Soon after Ryuko was attacked by a mysterious man named Tsugumi, with your combined help you were able not only stop him but Nonon of the Elite Four as well.
Currently you are talking with Maiko, trying to decide what sort of club you want to make after being officially recognized as an Elite Four to the student body, although it will more than likely be related to the arts.

> A regalia similar to those worn by the elite four, with an unassuming outward appearance, when transformed it gains highlights of gold and silver and an Owl like mask
> Your life fiber controlling gauntlets, currently allow to push pull or hold those wearing life fibers. This extends to Anon himself, which allows him to do things like fly.

Previous Threads: (this one wasn't archived on suptg)
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Do Your Best Quest #135

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You’re not sure how you ended up here, you were supposed to be cuddling with the two wonderful tomatoes that you love. But now you’re about to witness a death match between your pal Oliver and a random flame user inside Esperanza’s Magical Colosseum. This show is the Judge girl’s way to repay for the discomfort she and her entity caused you. You’re officially the only crowd member in the entire stadium, and you want your money back.

“You two. You’re going to fight to the death on my signal.” Esperanza uses her megaphone to relay the rules.

“T-To the death...?!” This information takes Oliver by surprise.

“Excuse me?” The girl imagined something like this would happen, but not to this extreme.

“They didn’t know?!” You didn’t like where this is going before, but you feel like this is too much now. Esperanza is way too callous.

“Be quiet. They’re forced to follow my rule.” Esperanza puts her hand over the speaker. “And why do you care? You don’t know these mooncalves.”

“I don’t want to watch people die, especially for entertainment’s sake.” You have morals! Dubious sometimes, but you have them nonetheless! You try to get closer to the girl, but there’s an invisible wall impeding your approach. No matter what the situation is, you hate invisible walls! You don’t think Oliver or the girl can see you clearly from where you are.

“Don’t be so melodramatic. Do you understand how many people have died already in this game? One more won’t make a difference.” Esperanza isn’t getting what you’re saying. “Ugh, now Smithele is bugging me. He tells me to tell you that you need to trust me on this one, everything will be fine, I guess. It’ll be less entertaining if you know more.”

“Judge! This is inconceivable!” The girl complains from down below.

“Too bad.” Esperanza responds with little to no interest. “I do as I please in my jurisdiction.”

“You can’t be serious!” The girl is indignant.

“This is your fault for putting your nose where it doesn’t belong.” Esperanza talks back.

“Sounds like my life in a nutshell…” Oliver laughs at himself.

“Don’t make light of the situation.” The girl retorts at Oliver’s coping method with disgust.

“Sorry, when despair overwhelms me, all I can do is laugh! <span class="mu-i">Buahehahuhihihi</span>!!!” Oliver continues his trademark awful laugh.

Can you do something to stop this?

<span class="mu-s">What do you do?</span>

>Ask if you can change the rules so it doesn’t have to be to the death. A three count? Until unconsciousness? Point is, channel your inner Scarlet and make this lamer.
>Gain some time by asking to talk to the contestants in private. Make your presence known to help out somehow.
>Ask Esperanza for more details as to why everything will be fine. You can’t trust psychopaths easily.
>Keep watching. Esperanza asked you to trust her and you will have to.
>Write In.
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40k Minor Xenos Quest: A Struggle To Survive, Stage One: Evolution

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>In the 40th millennium, the God Emperor of Mankind sits astride His Throne on Terra, shackled in torment as He lights an inferno in the immaterium, fueled by a thousand psyker’s souls consigned to oblivion each day. Across the galaxy, quintillions of men and women struggle, suffer, and take their stand in His Name against the numberless horrors that threaten to destroy them from within and without. They are the Imperium of Man, their hearts filled with relentless hate, and over millions of bloodstained battlefields, they and theirs return the hostility inflicted on them tenfold. It is not the 40th millennium, and this is not their story.

>This is the story of another species, risen to prominence on an alien rock that never has and never will know the nurturing warmth of Sol. They are Xenos, as far from the genetic legacy of Terra as the east is from the west. To the Imperium: Other, Anathema, an INSULT to Mankind’s existence that cannot and must not be allowed to endure. To themselves, they are the only thing they can truly count on in a galaxy gone mad. In time, the Great Crusade of Mankind will discover their existence and in a crucible of fire and fury, their right to be will be earned or it will be extinguished.

In time… First, they have to evolve and before we can get into that, you’ll need to decide on their evolutionary context. The choices to follow are simple but fundamental and will shape every aspect of their eventual physiology. Choose one per category and the vote will be tallied after roughly 24-36 hours, barring a clear supermajority.

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Mobile Suit Gundam Quest

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<span class="mu-s">It is the year 0068 of the Universal Century. A half century has passed since the earth began moving its burgeoning population into gigantic orbiting space colonies. A new home for mankind, where people are born and raised… and die.</span>

<span class="mu-i">“We are the people of the universe. We have struggled to survive in a harsh environment, and new generations of colonists testify to our success. Now, when we gaze back at Earth, we see a sacred blue and green orb- the cradle of civilization and a sacred home that we must eternally preserve and protect . . .”</span>
-Zeon Zum Deikun, UC 0058


11:35 PM, 21 October, UC 0068
Autonomous Republic of Munzo, Side 3

Something terrible happened today.

None of the adults have told you anything all day, but you could see on their faces that something was wrong. You overheard your older brother say something about a collapse during a speech, but he refused to explain himself before leaving with some important military looking men. He's only a little older than you but everybody treats him so much differently! It isn't fair. Father and mother have been gone since this morning as well, and it was left to the household servants to take care of you all day. They didn't explain anything, attempting to distract you with games and music but only succeeding in putting you more on edge.

Almost as soon as the servants put you to bed you snuck out of your room and back out into quiet halls of the mansion, tiptoeing along through the shadows until you caught sight of a group of adults entering your father’s study…

In the dim light you cannot make out who they are, but as the heavy double doors to the study close behind them you hurry over to try and listen in. You press your ear against the cold wooden door, straining to hear the muffled voices on the other side. It is difficult to make anything out, occasional footsteps and what sounds like the clinking of glass, or perhaps metal, interspersed between quiet conversation. It goes on for awhile, but you can’t hear much of it clearly until the very end.

“...He’s not going to recover…” A deep male voice states matter-of-factly, the rest of the room briefly falling silent.

“...Are you sure there’s nothing that can be done?” A female voice questions uncertainly, a murmur of others joining her soon after.

“I am certain. Now would be a good time to…” The deep voice continues speaking, but the rest of his sentence is too indistinct to make out. You hear heavy footsteps on the other side of the door, slowly growing louder as they approach. You have only a few moments to back away, and your small strides don’t carry you far over the smooth marble floor before you slip, falling in a heap as the great carved wooden door swings wide and reveals an imposing but aged man…

>...Your father, Degwin Zabi.
>...Your father Zeon Zum Deikun’s most trusted physician, Girard.
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40k AI Quest #4

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Apologies for the format. Pastebin thinks it's obscene, and I couldn't find any similar site that actually displayed text properly.
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Unthinkable Fantasy Migration

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An average day as always. You rise early in the morning, get ready, and go to work for the day. Work is a pleasant enough activity, you worked a part time job delivering pizzas on a moped for a small corner parlor, and when that shift was done, you usually went to your second job at a flower store, where the lady running the show paid you to keep her merchandise watered.

After the average day was done, you threw in your rags and headed home. And that was the last thing you remembered at least, because after you got home and opened the door? It all goes... blank.

There was a shadow waiting for you behind closed doors, and then... sleep; You guessed. You awoke not in the sheets of your bed, not in the air conditioned temperature of your apartment, and not out of these clothes you've been wearing all day long either. But, to the noise of nature, and the shocking sight of the great outdoors!

When you picked your head up, you looked around and came to discover a wholly new place you've never seen before in your life.

>A deep, lush forest under the arms of a mountaintop.
>A bristling blue and misty lake surrounded by trees.
>A dense and packed bamboo forest that felt cool.
>A field that goes on and on, of sunflowers.
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