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>Sports based presentation
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Why is Teddy Long blocking every wrestler on twitter?

>WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long appeared to go on a blocking spree this weekend, as some of his former colleagues, peers, and members of the wrestling community have been on the receiving end of a suspected Twitter purging. However, it would appear that foul play is afoot.

>People within the wrestling world who've been blocked by the veteran have taken to social media to highlight their confusion. Per Sportskeeda, Renee Paquette, Saraya, Brandi Lauren, Joe Gacy, and Taz all shared screenshots of their accounts being blocked by the Hall of Famer, while also seeming dumbfounded over the situation.

Things got so bad that MJF blocked Teddy on twitter preemptively.
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I have the strongest neck in Japan and I’ve just graduated from the dojo. Currently on my path as a young lion.

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>Rhea forgets to wipe off all the semen from her lips

God she's so fucking hot. Bet she gives great head.

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[Sad news]
Renown white supremacist and registered sex offender "Alfie Fisher" has sponsored the banner of Ice Ribbon player Ibuki Hoshi (19).
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Its yo boy
Barack LeSnar
Suplex hood, bitch!
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Liv Morgan and MJF

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did they?
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So why doesn’t Tony steal the g1/carnival concept?

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You have enough wrestlers to do one every year? It’s better than just a one off tournament everyone forgets . Your audience loves that smark shit. What’s the deal?
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