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/Kabuki/ Klub

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What did Sami mean by this?
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>Following a heated exchange on social media, @AJStylesOrg and @SamiZayn will throw down on Monday Night Raw!


/AEW/ - All Elite Women General

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Discuss or post anything about the women of AEW.

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-Saraya Knight is All Elite; makes debut at AEW Grand Slam
-Toni Storm retains the AEW Women's World Championship at Grand Slam
-Jade Cargill will look improve her undefeated record as she faces Diamante at Grand Slam Rampage
-an update on Riho has confirmed that she has been dealing with visa issues; will compete at TJPW's Wrestle Princess 3 event
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AEW putting on guaranteed bangers
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Weekend Webm Thread: Saturday Edition

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This is the destination for all based webms, brother
On tonight's docket: NJPW Burning Spirits, Onita and more!
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How come Hogan didn't use more power moves in wrestling?
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follow the white rabbit
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