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I'm not putting any info in the OP. Cry about it nerds.

>>7369657 the old thread
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Your AEW tag team champions.
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Why does he always look like his wife just called him to tell him she left him for another man and ran over his dog on her way out?

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Besides Nash and Bryan what other wrestlers were raped?
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>Joshi fans when they watch a 15 year old run in a frilly dress sequence in slow motion and botch a dropkick
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>My dying thread gets a reply after hours
>it's just wolfie trying to slide
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>was the most protected guy in his first 3 months
>now has queen losses to Garcia and the Shield's Jannetty


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OP ranks biggest faggots on the board - conveniently leave SHANKISM off the list akak biggest faggot on the board who deadicated his life to posting gay fanfic about a 63 year old man - shitting up the board with shit threads with fake online boogeymen. Pathetic and cringe. Guess we know who made the thread. This is how he tries to manipulate the board into what he wants you to think.


Reported his thread already. You should too.
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