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Why doesn’t WWE feature more progressive characters in their programming?
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Iyo Sky thread

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Championship weekend edition

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Malakai, Buddy and Andrade asked for their release because they were not comfortable with their significant other being alone in WWE and carpooling with Bobby Lashley

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You know, if you look into it, Impact is a Jamaican money laundering front
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victim of photoshop even before Big Daddy Bitch is upset over a photoshopped TNT title
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rate their aew runs
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>Joshi fans when they watch a 15 year old run in a frilly dress sequence in slow motion and botch a dropkick
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>those legs

/tjpw/ - Tokyo Joshi Pro General

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Watch on the new Wrestle Universe - 900 yen per month (Two week free trial currently)

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9.24 TJPW Autumn Tour '22 @ Tokyo Ryogoku KFC Hall (LIVE) [12:30 JST]
10.9 WRESTLE PRINCESS III @ Tokyo Dome City Hall (LIVE)[14:00 JST]
10.14 Dream Wrestling -Dream On The Ring- @ Shinjuku FACE, Tokyo (LIVE)[19:00 JST]
10.21 TJPW CITY CIRCUIT AUTUMN ~Arisu Endo Local Triumphant Show~ @ Aizuwakamatsu City Cultural Center, Fukushima (VOD)[18:30 JST]
10.24 TJPW UNIVERSE Member Show "Pure TJPW 7" @ Kitazawa Town Hall, Tokyo (VOD)[18:30 JST]
10.29 The Mountain Top 2022 @ EDION Arena No.2, Osaka (LIVE)[12:30 JST]

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