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For me it's the President

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Is there any chance HHH brings back this Dime magnet? Literally the only person that is worth bringing back from all the cut shitters of years past.
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Why was Shaun Michaels pants so high in the summer of 1993?

15 reasons why AEW sucks

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1. It's basically a large garage fed
2. There's no storylines, every match is just booked like UFC (this also applies to WWE btw before you call me an E-drone)
3. The wrestlers there look like normal street people, look at Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara, Eddie Kingston, Jungle Boy, they dont look like wrestlers!!!
4. They had a tranny as their women's champion, at least WWE hasn't done that (yet) lol
5. They should get 1 million constantly, getting a milly should not be a moment of celebration, it should be something normal
6. The owner's a Muslim, thats not good, folks
7. They keep doing this 'interim' shit when someone vacates a belt, you cant do that because wrestling is not UFC
8. CM Punk, enough said
9. They only hire vanilla midgets from WWE, Adam Cole, Daniel Bryan, Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Reilly... all of these guys are shorter and weigh less than me!!!
10. It's gay
11. They always miss the tables when they do a table spot lol
12. Now that Kenny Omega is suspended and CM Punk is out, Dean Ambrose is the star of the show, that guy never drew a dime in WWE ok?
13. Their future stars are Daniel Garcia and Wheeler Yuta, two anorexic vanilla midgets with 0 muscle
14. It's very botchy, the in-ring action is not good
15. Their fans suck, they always defend the bullshit Tiny Con puts on

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victim of photoshop even before Big Daddy Bitch is upset over a photoshopped TNT title
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/AEW/ - All Elite Women General

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Discuss or post anything about the women of AEW.

Previous thread: >>7242687

-Saraya Knight is All Elite; makes debut at AEW Grand Slam
-Toni Storm retains the AEW Women's World Championship at Grand Slam
-Jade Cargill will look improve her undefeated record as she faces Diamante at Grand Slam Rampage
-an update on Riho has confirmed that she has been dealing with visa issues; will compete at TJPW's Wrestle Princess 3 event
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I think /pw/ fu-fu-fu-fucking sucks!

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other than his race, what issues does /pw/ have with this guy making them hate him so much? seems to be a pretty entertaining guy to me
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