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Its yo boy
Barack LeSnar
Suplex hood, bitch!
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Liv Morgan and MJF

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did they?
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So why doesn’t Tony steal the g1/carnival concept?

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You have enough wrestlers to do one every year? It’s better than just a one off tournament everyone forgets . Your audience loves that smark shit. What’s the deal?
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This is a Hangman board

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Update on WWE’s relationship with VICE

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WWE has begun production on several documentaries, expected to air in 2023 and 2024. They are as follows:

Cody Rhodes: His Father’s Son
Roman Reigns and the Legacy of Samoa
Paul Levesque: In His Own Words
Dark Days: How WWE Overcame Adversity

In addition, interviews have been conducted with several former female wrestlers for a “Women’s Revolution” themed documentary.

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Is there any chance HHH brings back this Dime magnet? Literally the only person that is worth bringing back from all the cut shitters of years past.
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I think /pw/ fu-fu-fu-fucking sucks!
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