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October 1, "LEC Fuwarun Mask Presents 5STAR GP 2022~Finals~", Tokyo Musashino Forest Sports Plaza Main Arena (3:00PM JST)

>Red Stars: Syuri (God's Eye) vs Risa Sera (Prominence)
>Red Stars: Utami Hayashishita (Queen's Quest) vs Koguma (STARS)
>Red Stars: Himeka (Donna del Mondo) vs Maika (Donna del Mondo)
>Red Stars: Tam Nakano (COSMIC ANGELS) vs SAKI (COLOR'S)
>Red Stars: Unagi Sayaka (COSMIC ANGELS) vs Momo Kohgo (STARS)
>Red Stars: AZM (Queen's Quest) vs Saki Kashima (Oedo Tai)
>Blue Stars: Giulia (Donna del Mondo) vs Suzu Suzuki (Prominence)
>Blue Stars: Mayu Iwatani (STARS) vs Starlight Kid (Oedo Tai)
>Blue Stars: Saya Kamitani (Queen's Quest) vs Ami Sourei (God's Eye)
>Blue Stars: Hazuki (STARS) vs Momo Watanabe (Oedo Tai)
>Blue Stars: Natsupoi (COSMIC ANGELS) vs Mina Shirakawa (COSMIC ANGELS)
>Blue Stars: MIRAI (God's Eye) vs Saya Iida (STARS)

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I've been a bad little E-piggy and I need an Elititan to punish me
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Is the WWE women's locker room just the site for a bunch of bi women having fun?
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What should wrestlemania 40 be named?

Wrestlemania L
Wrestlemania 40
The 40th anniversary of Wrestlemania
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>Rhea forgets to wipe off all the semen from her lips

God she's so fucking hot. Bet she gives great head.

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[Sad news]
Renown white supremacist and registered sex offender "Alfie Fisher" has sponsored the banner of Ice Ribbon player Ibuki Hoshi (19).
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Who is the wrestler of the year?
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So why doesn’t Tony steal the g1/carnival concept?

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You have enough wrestlers to do one every year? It’s better than just a one off tournament everyone forgets . Your audience loves that smark shit. What’s the deal?
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the best to ever do it