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Talk about something you get autistic over in photography.
I'll start.

I've followed this advice since the start of time, if I am to shoot handheld and there's not enough light, and my camera has let's say a 50mm lens on. My lowest acceptable shutter speed should be 1/50s. In practice if I hold very very steady I can maybe go to 1/30s and still get an acceptable image.
Now. If on crop sensors, because of the crop factor, a 33mm lens is equivalent to a 50mm while letting me shoot with a 1/30s all the while getting a good image would mean technically that it is better at low light photography, excluding noise and desired photo characteristics.
But... Larger sensors have less noise, which sort of balances the need for a theoretically higher acceptable shutter speed. But to what extent?
Also, if a camera has sensor stabilization, how far can I push my acceptable shutter speed below the normal acceptable speed? 1 stop? 2 stops?
Looking at the tiny amount of data regarding this online (maybe because most photographers are not this autistic), I'm starting to think that a newer, less noisy, image stabilized APS-C camera might reign supreme in terms of low light handheld shooting.