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Has there ever been a shittier site or community than dpreview. Have they ever been pro about anything?
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>send old gear to KEH to get some extra money
>they try to rip me off
>forget to decline the quote until the 2nd to last or last day I can request my stuff back
>gear was shipped back to me fully serviced and ready for resale
>don't want to sell it anymore
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Let me guess, you need my more?
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Recent Photos, Film

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Went on a walk with a friend the other day and shot some Fomapan Film.
Tried a new way and these are the results, thought i'd share.

Fomapan 100 Film
Shot at Iso 320
Developed at Iso 400 recipe
HC-110, B Solution
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Korea Trip Two: Electric Boogaloo

Not a big variety of pics. Took my parents this time so it was more of a tourist trip.
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Uhm. Sunsets I guess.
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Let me guess...... you need more?
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Is photography REALLY over on Instagram or is it just a bunch of butthurt influencers who are mad they have to pay to have all their bots reprogrammed?
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camera for sister birthday

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i'm trying to buy my sister a camera for her birthday and need help. she's a film student and I know it's not exactly this board's expertise but there's no /filmography board, I'm imagining some of you are knowledgeable enough about videography to help me out on this. I'm looking at DSLRs and trying to spend less than a grand but i don't want what I buy her to be obsolete mad quickly. im looking at the canon eos rebel sl3, thoughts?
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What is the best DSLR of all time,

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And why is it the Nikon D800?
>Excellent dynamic range, color depth, noise, and resolution
>F mount with AF screw drive provides for over 50 years of lens compatibility
>Built like a brick shithouse
>Optional vertical grip if you want it, also built like a brick shithouse

The only thing I don't like on it is the slower than adequate framerate for sports and the mismatched memory card slots. If they had offered it with dual CF and a 8+ FPS frame rate, it would have been truly perfect.
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