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>gold 800

Photobook Thread

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Had a lucky find in a bookshop today, £30 for this Uncle Terry book.
Show off your books...
What's good, what's bad, what's inspirational, what would you recommend, have you ever put your own book out?
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/fgt/ - Film General Thread

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copped an infrared modified digital fujifilm and love it.
anyone else here into that? its incredibly much fun
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you need more?
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So am I a talented photographer?

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Useless but cool shit you bought thread.

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So I bought this PC-E Micro NIGGOR 45mm f/2.8D ED, as Nikon calls this, I dropped it the next day and they want 600.- to fix it geg xDDD

But it was cool the night I used it, I went up the mountain and I minicityed the city.
I have literally no other purpose for this lens other than that single frame I shot that night :DDD

What can I do with it when the lens will come back against, /pee/?
Also they said they don't have the piece and I have to wait... I WANT MY LENS ;_;
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AI photo correction software

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Has anyone else fiddled with the AI Gigapixel and related software? It's kinda interesting. Sometimes it can find inexplicable detail, and other times it creates nightmares. One kinda fun thing is that they now have this face rescue feature, that tries to rebuild a face even if it's small or damaged. When it gets things right, it's pretty cool. Of course, when things get tough, the face it finds may simply look like some other person instead of what the person in the photo was actually supposed to look like.

iso 50 tips?

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Is there any real difference with iso 50 film?

Anything I should be aware of before shooting?
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Is current pro level gear good enough yet to try to get a shot of the moon landi sites?
Something good enough to make out one of the lunar descent modules?
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