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/m43/ - Micro Four Thirds general - GX9 edition

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Time for a new thread. How's everyone doing?
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How do you organize your photos? What’s your intake process like?

My shit is all retarded and I need to figure out a better way. I import into Lightroom > Year > Month > Month/Day Shoot Name. I’m OCD and I don’t like how my selects / edits are in the same folder as all my photos.

Thanks anon for the pic. Any tips would be appreciated.
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Best camera for modern content creation

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I want to step-up my game in content creation.
My videos are long walks and short vlogging.

I'm either considering and iphone 12 pro or a DJI action 2.

What would you guys buy and why?
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Post your poor quality Phone shots.
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Uhhhh what the fuck?
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Is it better to have dedicated video and photography gear, or one hybrid system?
I was thinking to get a camcorder to go along with my DSLR, but that might be wasteful.
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Redpill me on this lens

Just got a new d500 with less than 9000 clicks

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how is it bois?
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*kills photography*
heh, nothin' personnel, kid
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Why the fuck Sony-A/Minolta lenses are so expensive? This is literally dead mount and there is no demand for these lenses
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