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So I'm texting a chick and I bring up photography. She says she doesn't take photos much because she can't ever make the camera see what she sees. As if that's the sole purpose of photography- to capture exactly what you see? Seriously what?
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This is one of the most famous art nude photographs ever taken.

What makes this shot so good /p?

We can all agree this is art right.
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Birds you've photographed on your phone.
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Cameras you need to own at least two because of how good they are
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Wandrd PRVKE 31 edition

old >>4068266
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Peter Schlesinger cameras

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What cameras were used in the book A Photographic Memory 1968-1989 by Peter Schlesinger?
What modern alternatives would you use to get the same feel?

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Need more?
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Beginner here. What do you think of this one?

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I think I captured the subject very well, but I'm open to criticism.
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Assuming you shoot digital, do you think limiting yourself to only 36 photos per trip is a good exercise? For being more purposeful (and thus more skillful) with every shot you take. I'm considering getting a 512mb SD card towards this.
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Previous thread reached image limit.
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