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Can you shoot street with a full frame F2.8 70-200 — NO, you do not have BIG balls.
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excuse me

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what the fuck
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Is it worth trying to become a photography YouTuber?

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Has anyone here tried?

I'm looking for ways to financially justify taking more time off work to be able to spend more time on photography. Any kind of commercial photography like weddings would be pointless since it doesn't build skills in the areas I'm interested in, and it pays less than what I do now. And nobody wants to buy prints from a literal who no matter how good they are.

But there seems to some money in vlogging about photography while shilling VPNs and website builders, provided you get some traction. Which of course also means doing gear videos, because that's the only way you get to turn up in any searches.

I hate the sound of my voice and look of my face, and my pockets are full of spaghetti, so it would be extremely painful. But maybe it's worth a try.
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ITT: your favorite photo ever that was taken by a /p/ anon

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Do I need a permit to take photos in public places for a commercial project, sort of like how I need a permit to shoot videos in public places?

Digital cameras were a mistake

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Never before has photography been more accessible than now. And yet, it seems like it's never been more stale. Is it a SNR problem? Or is talent really extinct? I like to think it's just SNR, talent being drowned in the flood of garbage. Like the eternal summer, but for photography.
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My cam went click

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And these pics came out
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Canon up to their old tricks again!

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Bewildering that they think they can still act like the big kid at the playground when Sony have obliterated them.
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The size of these RAW files is too damn high!
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foggy day near the river.. got lucky with these photos
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