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Android app to take continuous photos

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Can anyone recommend me an app for android which is the normal phone camera, but I can set it to take photos every few seconds second for unlimited duration.

I tried Open Camera but I want to take the photos at night with the flash and Open Camera hasn't been working for me because the flash lights up and then it takes the photo in the dark making the entire app useless.

I want to do pic related but outside at night using the flash

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on vacation in Mexico
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Be honest with me, /p/, is it worth investing in a full frame system if I'm going to be using it only for video work? From a purely budget standpoint I could afford near 2x the gear if I was to choose an APS-C system. Are the bokeh balls and lower noise actually worth it for video?
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Hello /p/, I am interested in learning night time photography. One of the main joys I have is looking at the stars, and I wish I could document the sights I see to remember on a later day. However, I am very poor and know next to nothing about photography. I know the latter can be easily changed, but is night time photography accessible to people who cannot afford expensive cameras and lenses? Is there particular equipment I could look into? (something costing several hundred dollars would be considered luxury, anything more just unrealistic...)

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Are there any /p/hotography anime besides Just Because?
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I am new to photography
Do medium format users make fun of FF users in the same way FF users make fun of APS-C/crop users? How are MFT users treated? Are there even smaller sensors than MFT or larger sensors than MF?
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>becomes the king of APS-C
How did Fujifilm do it?
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New camera

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Bought a canon PowerShot sx520hs used like new for $100, completely green to photography, but wanted something a step above my phone for photography when hiking.

Thoughts on it? Any good resources on learning not to suck?
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this is the house of my uncle
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Tips for taking pictures of insects?

It's been over 10 years since I've done it.
Maybe someone with experience can weigh in?
I would set my focal length and then move my body forward and backward to get the focus sharp. Is this a stupid idea? What are good ways to focus easily on a small moving creature? Using autofocus doesn't seem good.
I'm using a 50mm and 85mm prime attached to extension tubes. Is this why I have such depth of field problems? How much better is a dedicated macro lens in terms of depth of field?
Is it cringe to bring a flash attached with a cable and hold it off to the side or something? Or have a reflector dropped down infront of my body or something? What is the best non-cringe lighting situation?
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