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Can you identify a model of camera from a picture's quality?

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So check this out, the Cleveland Cavaliers made itself a reputation of making really good shots of their players on their social medias, here's a couple recent shots:

I wonder if you guys could know what camera are they using for these type of shots, if it's possible to recognize the camera they use from the quality of the photography?
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To develop my films

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Abons, noobs here. Question: Where can I get my films developed more affordably? Thanks a lot.
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90s stock photography

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i have hundreds of these stock photo discs ranging from mid 90s to early 2000s, it's really a treat for me to have these photos at actual high resolution since most of them are either on the web as 2kb jpeg nightmares or you'll just find them at comping sizes in photo catalogs nowadays. so i'm going to dump some here and hopefully someone else can find inspiration in the photographic techniques of y2k stock photography
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I am poor and would not be able to afford to replace my $1000 lens. I also have ocd or autism and would not be able to stand a damaged lens.
I bought a $100 (10% rule) protective filter to put on my lens.
After doing more research it seems that people say protective filters don't do shit but degrade image quality and it's not necessary unless you're at the beach every day.
What is /p/'s consensus on protective filters?
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Am I crazy? I just got myself a used D700.

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What are the small, light, good lenses can you recommend?
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Car show

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Was supposed to shoot film but weather sucked so digital it is.
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some photos

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15 street snaps off my ricoh gr from around 2018 mostly in nyc, edits are shit and inconsistent because i had no idea what i was doing and pretty much all the exposures were fucked in different ways, but hope you like one or two of them
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>just look at photobooks bro
>just take pics bro
And people wonder why photography is nearly dead, lmao. Imitation and just winging it only leads to the stagnation one can see on instagram, the same picture done time and time again. No thought put into it, just snapshitting and aping.
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Figured I'd go over all my shots and edit them again. Here's to 10+ years of shooting. More or less starting wth the oldest shit, working my way to the newest.
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