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How do I go about finding models to photograph?

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I have no idea how to go about this

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Can someone upscale this old windows xp wallpaper to 1920x1080?

I tried a few free sites but they make it look like shit.
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>takes better low light pictures than your aps-c camera

should i sell my x100v for this?
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Macro for beginners

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I have a $2000 photography budget. I have 10000 coins I want to catalog down to the last detail.

I know nothing about photography.

From what I see, I can do this with a T7i, a good macro lens (Canon EF 100mm? f/2.8), a copy stand to hold everything in place, and some lighting.

Tell me why and how I'm stupid and school me like only 4chan can.

Also, general macro photography thread. I know there's some shit about bugs in the catalog but it's not strictly macro.
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Soviet lenses

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Ok, what is the catch? Everyone and their mom seems to talk very high of them and they are dirt cheap.
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>Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.
Prove him wrong.
Protip: you can't.

>inb4 nophoto
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Imagine falling for the Leica meme
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/ap/ astrophotography thread

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post yours
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New ideas for making shorts general thread

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Post new ideas/trends/whatever for making shorts, by a photographer perspective (ie making content with what you got, both with gear you already have and/or photos you already shot).

As you've already noticed everyone is moving to tik tik style (even youtube) and nothing else gets promoted, on instagram it became basically impossible to get visibility with photos alone.
I just checked an account that follows me and I follow him, it came up randomly in my feed and to my surprise it got 150k followers and follows 137 accounts, one of them is me. I'm pretty sure we followed each other a long time ago and I followed him back while my account was bigger so I was pretty surprised and I checked his content: he made like just 500-1500 likes with photos but anything from 30k to 500k views with reels, so... Things are pretty clear.
Let's mindstorm here.
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Is becoming a wedding photographer a good idea?
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