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What's the best way to emulate early 2000s/y2k aesthetic?

You might hate the song but the video for Sk8er Boi is a good example of what I'm talking about. It's lower quality than what phones today would normally shoot but it has a certain charm to it in my opinion.
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Started photography 6 months ago - tear my work apart

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I was gifted a camera 6 months ago, and fell since in love with photography.

I took my camera to a trip to Norway and will post the images I like the most, but I really struggle to judge where I'm standing with my photography.

Friends, family etc. obviously say that they like my images, but well, my mother also says that I'm handsome, which is clearly a lie, so there's that.
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Home Photography

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>be me
>shoot film as a hobby
>guy that I work for as a second shooter for weddings says that people who book high end weddings these days want film photos as it's a trend now
>says he loves my film photos and wants me to bring my Fuji instead of my mirrorless to a wedding tomorrow to take portraits of the couple
>my medium-format Fuji which gets 8 shots to a roll
Bros I'm nervous as fuck what do? I just spray and pray when it comes to weddings because my camera allows me to do that but I don't have the confidence to get the bride and groom to stand perfectly still in one spot or one pose while I double check and triple check my exposure readings and make sure I don't fuck up the focus due to the extremely shallow depth of field.
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Best photos of the Queen’s Life

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>tfw ywn seduce an 18-year-old princess as a handsome young and upcoming artist/photographer on leave in WW2-era England asked to take her portrait while she completes her studies.
Why live?
Also, best photos of the Queen’s life thread. I figure there are some pretty impressive shots from some pretty famous photographers out there.
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Show us your non photography, photography merchandise

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Show us your non photography, photography merchandise

Look at my Nikon T100
It’s a towel

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I felt always a weird obsession with things that come from Deutschland or Germany. Yet, I find it hard to find good German photographers. Not talking about the ones doing big cash by traveling the world. I mean photos that are shot in Germany. The cities and the nature, rural areas, trains, etc.

Do you happen to know any?
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The one you have with you.

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I don’t get it.
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We havent had one of these in a while, share and edit each other's RAW photos, too many goddamn useless gear threads clogging the board


got some of my lowlights and portraits in the link for ya, would really like to see what you guys do with them
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