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Does /p/ shoot raw?
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An actual photo thread

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Trip to Istanbul.
Portra 160 + soviet Lomo LC-A and X100V.
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/Winning/ General

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Nikon bros how do we keep on winning?
>whopping 20mp APS-C
>reverse flippy screen
vloggers heavily invested in other brands BTFO!
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Can sunset photos damage a mirrorless sensor?
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I went onto instagram today for the first time in months.
My entire feed that I scrolled down was just video clips???
So many video clips of somebody just walking for 5 seconds with somebody filming them do that?
The search screen still shows photos but my feed is videos only. Is that normal, is the feed only for videos now and you have to go to somebodys page to see photos?

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/p/ bros i dont feel so good

>Smartphone cameras and DSLRs have been moving in opposite directions for the past few years, and image quality from phones will finally trump that of their single-lens reflex rivals by 2024, according to Sony.

>As reported by Nikkei Japan, the President and CEO of Sony Semiconductor Solutions (SSS), Terushi Shimizu, told a business briefing that "we expect that still images [from smartphones] will exceed the image quality of single-lens reflex cameras within the next few years".

Some fascinating slides (opens in new tab) presented during the briefing were even more specific, with one slide showing that, according to Sony, "still images are expected to exceed ILC [interchangeable lens camera] image quality" sometime during 2024.

>But the broader conclusion remains – far from hitting a tech ceiling, smartphones are expected to continue their imaging evolution and, for most people, make standalone cameras redundant.

>So what tech will drive this continued rise of the best phone cameras? Sony points to a few factors, including “quantum saturation” and improvements to "AI processing". Interestingly, Sony also expects the sensor size in "high-end model" phones to double by 2024.

>The larger pixels on these sensors will, it says, allow phone makers to apply multi-frame processing that "realizes a new imaging experience", including improved Super HDR modes and zooms that combine folded optics (as on the Sony Xperia 1 IV) with AI algorithms.
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Sup, /p/
What's a decent free image editing software for Android that has the bare minimum expectable useful tools like any windows freeware (picrel), and doesn't just suck the social media meme filter tit.
Inb4 lightroom, photoshop, snapseed, etc

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anyone else love distant haze? post hazy long distance photos
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/m43/ General - EDC Edition

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Last bread reached bump limit. We laugh at nophotos with giant DSLRs who are too afraid to shoot in public.

What's your EDC?

O-M5 Delayed

AVP continues his M43 obsession
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Video editing software

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I can't figure this shit out. Tried Premiere Pro, way too complex and had my brain exploding. Tried Filmora, it was much more understandable but the end product looked worse and had visible pixelation. What's a good video editing software for a beginner? All I need to do is add saturation, brightness, and up the whites a bit so nothing too complex is necessary. Do any of you have a go-to for film editing? Preferably free but paid is ok too.
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