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Can't Escape Planet of the Apes

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Founder of black Scottish hiking team slams 'racist' white ramblers who 'tell him to turn his Bluetooth speakers off and assume his group will leave litter'

>A Scottish accountant insists he and his hiking friends never break the rules but are branded litterbugs and reported to rangers by other walkers because they are black.
>He claims that some white people 'assumed this is their space' and get 'really p***ed off' when they spot black walkers.
>The keen hiker says that every group hike is plagued by incidents where white ramblers make 'condescending' comments, asking them not to leave litter behind and to turn their music off.
>'So some of these people will go and complain to the rangers. The next thing, rangers come up to us and say 'we've received complaints that your group is making noise and littering the floor'.
>Mr Adeyemi says his group enjoy playing music while on their treks, which he admits isn't the case for most hikers.
>He said: 'For most folks, hiking is about going up quietly and coming down quietly.
>'For us, we're playing music all the way, to the point where you don't feel like you're going up the mountain.
>'Folks have confidently stopped and told us to turn our music off. I think 'why should I turn off my music?'
>'Just because white Scottish people enjoy nature one way, that doesn't mean black people have to enjoy it exactly the same way.
>Mr Adeyemi said: 'I think it's down to the colour of our skin. It's not that we're a big group, it's that we're black.
>'People see us and think 'they're going to be dropping litter'.
>'I don't know why that is. There might be this mentality that a bunch of black people coming together means they are going to cause trouble.