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Post your dream /out/ vehicle

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This one is bviously for daytrips
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>tfw when u live in mountainous georgia

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What Are Some Luxury Camping Items You Just Can't Do Without?

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What are some items that you know you don't really need, but take anyways as a guilty pleasure/luxury item to make your hiking easier or more enjoyable?
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How do I reattach chest strap to backpack?

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I know this isn't /adv/ but anons here have no doubt ran into this issue before.
I failed the IQ test so I need your help.
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Going to be homeless next month

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I've never been in this situation before and figured this board would be the best for tips. I still have a full time job and my biggest concern is that I'll end up losing it for being disheveled and exhausted all the time. If I get fired then it's game over for me

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Foot care

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What is some good information about food care?
I want to take preventive measures to have healthy feet but don't want to buy retarded product made for women like i suspect a lot of creams and foot exfoliation socks are.

Winter Survival for Homeless Guy

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I live north and the winters are killer as it is, they're calling for an extra cold winter this year. I really don't think I'm going to make it.

I have a messed up car that's barely running for shelter. I have a job but it doesn't pay enough. I can't afford rent and bills because I need to fix my car to keep this job, I have a severe dental situation that requires immediate surgery., That's expensive. I'm fucked one way or the other.

My Plan is to hang heavy wool blankets in the back seat and make like a tent, I have about 20 lbs worth. I can connect my electric blanket to an array of power tool batteries. It's enough power to run it sporadically through the night, I'll run it underneath my other blankets. I have a really small electric heater and small power station I can run that sporadically for maybe an hour tops.

I'm really hoping these blankets hold the heat. It's not going to be enough for sustained -25°c -40°c.

Even if it does, my problem will be moisture buildup. Maybe the electric heater can deal with that. I buy moisture grabber packs that do help, but it's not enough. Wet and cold won't be great.

Charging all that power will be difficult. I can get away with charging stuff at work, I charge with my car by driving and I have a solar panel in the back window to charge the power station. But it's not enough, I can't charge cold batteries they will die. I can't think of a way to keep them warm.

I have a jetboil I could boil water a couple times a day, boil water at work. Keep all the batteries in an insulated bag with hot water bottles.

I'm worried about the gas tanks for the jetboil in those temps.

They say when you freeze to death you'll reach a point where you stop feeling pain and just kinda wig out. So that's nice.
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Items for prepping

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What items types, and what specific items in these categories do you advice for prepping?
When I say prepping I mean for the following cases:

-power going out for prolonged amounts of time -> so most likely supermarkets and such dont function so no food supply, also hospitals dont function, nor businesses, also no fuel for cars-> most people dont prep so they chimp out

-civil unrest that may cause similar things but less intense and not because theres no electricity but because people are destroying shit so some infrastructure is damaged or some people didn't go to work bc they're endangered, also they may try to loot your house, can happen bc they're just looters or bc they ran out of food

-floods or earthquakes, same as above

So what I need is food that is nutrient and lasts a long time(canned food but which, wasa crackers, pre workout powder), a way to purify water (Sawyer mini filter, maybe a bigger one to keep at home) and access to water, meds for infections, diarrhea, bandaids, antibiotics, assault rifle for overt actions, pistol for concealed carry, smg/sbr for covert actions carried in backpack or car, as accessories an lpvo or prism sight + micro red dot and light on the assault rifle, holo + magnifier and light on sbr, light on pistol

Plate carrier with lvl4 plates and all the stuff attached to it but I want to focus on prepping not around gear, also unlikely to be used but good to own

Concelabale lvl3 soft armor

NVGs for moving and doing stuff outside at night bc most people dont have nods so you're harder to detect

Thermal monocular for security and scanning

Books with useful info

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Would you take a permanent farm job? Agriculture related not cattle.
I like being outside all day but the job is really hard on your body and the it's barely above minimum wage.
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where did you go /out/ today?

46.979706, -103.535822
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