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MGTOW community

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Guys I have a good feeling about 2023 and our odds of getting the community going.

If we each do a small part to push forward we can make this happen
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Hurricane Survival Guide

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There is a hurricane coming and I have no idea how to prepare. Can you guys help me? What are the essential items I need to survive a hurricane and protect myself and my home?
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ll bean

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Do they still make quality stuff? I've heard mixed results, mostly from this board, regarding current quality, etc.
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They ruined it

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I was going to send my long weekend in the bush camping in my usual spot by the creek, but all the trees have been cut down. It has been turned into a graveyard. It's eerie.

Many of these trees were my friends.
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I want to buy a grow light to supplement the light my houseplants get during winter

Can I just buy a commercial 2000 lumen LED tube lights and call it a day? I don't want to spend 200 bucks for a grow™ light™
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Rain doesn't matter me none.
Get on my level, autists!
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Do you have a philosophy which guides you during your travels? Why do you go out?

Pic kinda related
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How do I prevent myself from getting missing 411’d?
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anyone ever make a dugout shelter or sleep in one during winter? i'm planning on making one and spending a new england winter in one and am wondering if i'll die.
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