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What can you actually do to restore nature and stop the progress of its destruction?
I mean things that actually do things, not reduce carbon emission by 0.001% by buying an organic coffee instead of a normal one.

I'm talking from everything from harmless legal actions to environmental terrorism.
What makes the most sense and does the most?
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Can /out/ recommend some definitive /out/ books? Preferably things for prepping, survival, and just innawoods life in general (not biographies and so on--though I'm interested in anything that might be unique or inspiring).

I'm trying to curate an end of the world book torrent cache, preferably with books that are up-to-date or at least with information that hasn't been deboonked. Most library torrents are just filled with tons of books that sometimes contradict or are very outdated. Pic unrel.

Ultralight general

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Ultralight/long distance hiking thread. Post your gear list and base weight. Any triple crowners here?
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Why has trail running died down? It was all the rage not that long ago.
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/HGM/ Homegrowenmen Thread 356 Emergency Zero Effort edition

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USDA Hardiness Zone Map:


Koppen Climate Map:

Search terms:
Agrarian, Agriculture, Agrology, Agronomy, Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Berkeley Method Hot Composting, Cold Frames, Companion Planting, Composting, Container Gardening, Core Gardening Method, Cultivation, Deep Water Culture (DWC), Dry Farming, Espalier, Farmer's Market, Forest Gardening, Forestry, Fungiculture, Geoponics, Greenhouses, Homesteading, Horticulture, Hot Boxes, Hugelkultur, Humanure, Hydroponic Dutch Bucket System, Hydroponics, Keyhole Garden, Korean Natural Farming, Kratky Method, Landscaping, Lasagna Gardening, Ley Farming, Market Garden, Mulching, No-till Method, Ollas Irrigation, Orchard, Permaculture, Polyculture, Polytunnels, Propagation, Rain Gutter Garden, Raised Beds, Ranch, Rooftop Gardening, Ruth Stout Garden, Sharecropping, City Slicker Composting, Shifting Cultivation, Soil-bag Gardening, Square Foot Gardening, Stale Seed Bed, Sugar Bush, Truck Farming, Vermiculture, Vertical Gardening, Window Frame Garden, Windrow Composting, Alpaca, Snail, Toad, Trumpeter, Turkey, Worm

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Work boots

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I’m looking for some good quality work boots (steel/comp toe) that are comfortable and warm for the winter so I can wear them as my casual winter boots as well that way I won’t have to buy two pairs of boots

does anyone have any suggestions?
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Anyone have experience with hiking in Greece?
I'll go on a two-week trip across the Peloponnes this November.
Will be sleeping in a tent most of the time.
Anyone know if there's usually already snow in November in the Taygetos mountains?
Any tips are appreciated.
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What's Your Preferred Method of Starting Camp Fires?

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You've made an effort to take your "big" friend out hiking with you at least once, right anon?
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Brit/out/ Stalking edition

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Shaer your comfy stories and pictures from this autumn.
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