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My partner is a bit of a doomsday prepper, and doesn't really want any other kind of a life. He hates living in small city apartments, working for someone else, and driving to work. I work from home so I could work from anywhere, but I enjoy living in small city apartments and being able to do whatever errands I have on a bike or on foot.

His family has a small property in the backcountry, 16 kilometres away from the nearest populated place, which is a 1000 person village. The house desperately needs someone to inhabit it, and we could live there for free, and moving there would solve literally all of our problems. The only obstacle holding us back is the fact that I don't want to go. The thought of a life consisting of nothing but work, housework and staring at trees sounds daunting and depressing to me. I also know it's the only way *he* wants to live.

We have already tried living the way I like to live, and he can't learn to enjoy it. We both hate the idea of living in a suburb - it has the worst sides of both ways of life and none of the positives of either - and neither of us want to live apart from each other, either. So the only options there are is that either I must learn how to yield and adjust, or we have no choice but to live separately.

How does one learn to enjoy a homesteading life?
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What's the best car to go /out/?
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Mushroom hunting. Post your finds, whether for eating or just cool-looking fungus. The last one went well and season is upon us.

I will start with a double stem Boletus edulis.

Don't eat anything you can't identify.
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How dangerous is it to come across illegal weed plantations in the woods when you're /out/?
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For hot/warm/temperate weather:
>just combat shirt and pants, merino socks and synthetic moisture wicking underwear

If it rains in the above weathers:
>if it rains little nothing bc its hot anyway and you won't get soaked, if it pours then a poncho or wind+waterproof hardshell but mayne its too hot?

If its cold:
>combat clothes and thermal merino wool layer underneath, if it rains poncho or wind waterproof hardshell

For very cold weather:
>merino underlayer, insulating mid layer, wind waterproof hardshell, and when you're stationary additional layer of ecwcs lvl7 type clothes and pants
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>gets dark out
>not long until you get in your tent
>hear something in the bush
>start growling, yelling, groaning to scare away whatever is or isn't in the bush
Have you ever done this? I did last week
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Do you find it awkward when you go hike solo on a casual place and come groups of boomers, families or couples?
Seem to be on edge when they see solo dudes in the woods.
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Professional /out/ Physicians and Medics Thread

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Revamping and updating medkit, so rate and mock my shit. By actual sheer coincidence, I had to take a refresher course on first aid and CPR yesterday for work as well.

In the little bottles are acetaminophin capsules and potassium tablets, with cotton batting.

Not pictured that I probably need to add:
>hydrocortisone cream
>nitrile gloves, I guess
>thermometer maybe, but why? if you even think you need to check temps it's probably time to GTFO ASAP anyway

Things not pictured that I do have, but that aren't kept in the kit:
>iodine tablets
>emergency thermal blanket
>small "emergency" bottles of bug spray and sunscreen

Dumb shit I should probably remove:
>spray-on bandage

What else should I add? Post your lists, even if you lack photos.
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I would literally live in a van, or a very small apartment, I mean, VERY small.
I often see people complaining about how it's cucked, it's the government pushing a bug life, but i don't know, i always felt safe in small spaces, ever since a kid, they're incredibly comfy, easy to clean, they have all you need.

Besides, it would connect you more with the outside world if you just use it to sleep, watch movies, etc.

The main problem I have with all that is the absence of a bathroom.
Both a toilet and a shower seem even more important to me than a kitchen (I don't mind eating microwaved beans every day), but showering and pooping somewhere you don't have to clean or you don't sleep right next to is ideal.

What's the best bathroom for small spaces?
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