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Is it hard to get a permit to hike Angel's Landing?
I'm gonna be there in like 2 weeks and I'd love to do it.
Also, any advice is welcome.
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Folding Entrenching Shovels?

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What shovels do you guys use when out camping? Do you guys carry fixed shovels or are folding shovels good enough for the job? For me personally, it's the Chinese WJQ-308 Military shovel. It has like 15 functions in one. Shovel, pick axe, chopping, saw, wire cutting, wire twister, can opener. What do you guys carry?
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two pedos in glendale

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these two are pedos in glendale ca who have taken pictures of little girls watch out for them

Where to hide during 2023 draft in Slovakia

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Any tips?
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Knife thread?

This KA-BAR marine 1235 is nice asf. I oiled it, so the porous leather grip is straight molded to my hand.

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>want to homestead
>office job
>no savings
>no gf
bros how do i escape
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Rock Climbing General #26: Dark Mode

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A place to talk about climbing in any aspect (trad, sport, bouldering, aid, alpine, etc).

Rock Climbing is a dangerous sport that can cause loss of life, limb, eyesight, or sanity.

Off-belay: >>2408616

Shawn Raboutou sends V17:
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Australian survival.

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Hey /out/. Ausfag here. I'm tired of living in the city and around other people. When my lease is up in a few months, I'm planning to sell my car, take my motorbike and head out bush. I go camping whenever I can (hammocktard). I go bush bashing fairly often and know a little bushcraft. Am I retarded for wanting to suddenly go totally off grid, try to catch and grow my own food on state land. Don't really have anything tying me down, so could head anywhere in aus?
Would love some tips as to equipment, best water gathering/ storage methods in the aussie bush, best places in aus to not get caught by the authorities, and whether I am a total dumbass and would die within a few weeks.
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My partner is a bit of a doomsday prepper, and doesn't really want any other kind of a life. He hates living in small city apartments, working for someone else, and driving to work. I work from home so I could work from anywhere, but I enjoy living in small city apartments and being able to do whatever errands I have on a bike or on foot.

His family has a small property in the backcountry, 16 kilometres away from the nearest populated place, which is a 1000 person village. The house desperately needs someone to inhabit it, and we could live there for free, and moving there would solve literally all of our problems. The only obstacle holding us back is the fact that I don't want to go. The thought of a life consisting of nothing but work, housework and staring at trees sounds daunting and depressing to me. I also know it's the only way *he* wants to live.

We have already tried living the way I like to live, and he can't learn to enjoy it. We both hate the idea of living in a suburb - it has the worst sides of both ways of life and none of the positives of either - and neither of us want to live apart from each other, either. So the only options there are is that either I must learn how to yield and adjust, or we have no choice but to live separately.

How does one learn to enjoy a homesteading life?
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