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What is the best mountaineering food?

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And why is it Julia's Original Pepperoni Rolls ®, official pepperoni roll of the West Virgnia Mountaineers™ ?
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Anyone here pan for gold? Does pan man go to /out/? Can we get a prospecting general going?

mosquito appreciation thread

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>dream of living in fantasy like mountain place
>buy house there
>go hiking
>search for 4 hours to put up a tent
>chances of finding level ground is 20%
>every meter of flat ground is private or has a village
>26° inclinations if you only dare to walk of marked trails
>suffer heart attacks gaining 500m elevations in minutes or destroy your knees coming down
>pain, pain, pain, oh look that's sooo pretty! pain, pain, pain

I regret my life decisions, this is vertical hell made to break you and throw you to the bottom
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Are there any special considerations when hiking mountains that an amateur needs to take into account who's never done it before? What about in winter?
I plan to stick to the northeast US for right now so that should help.
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Our Turn

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How will you welcome your new woke overlords and their bluetooth speakers, anons?
>Black hikers experience racism and ignorance on the trail
>”For us, we're playing music all the way, to the point where you don't feel like you're going up the mountain. I think that this p*sses people off, because their idea of hiking is to do it quietly.
>"Folks have confidently stopped and told us to turn our music off. I think 'why should I turn off my music?' Just because white Scottish people enjoy nature one way, that doesn't mean black people have to enjoy it exactly the same way.
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How often do you go off road?

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>Mainly have gravel forest service roads around Lewiston ID
>Fren took me out off road camping in his truck
>Hit some mud
>Then some rocks and dirt
>lots of dust
>Vehicle looked badass covered in dirt
>would do again
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the one good thing about the Greater Cleveland Area

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>underrated sigma male William A. Stinchcomb single-handedly saves Chyohauga county Ohio from being nothing but an impoverished hellscape (Cleveland OH) by making the Metroparks, a 23,000-acre nature reserve that surrounds Cleveland with 18 separate reservations.

>Practically untouched except for some retards writing their initials in trees, if only those bastards would get jail time

>"The importance of conserving our natural resources is now well recognized. Cannot it be truly said that these natural wild beautiful valleys and glens which lie adjacent to our rapidly growing urban centers are a kind of 'natural resource' of ever increasing value to the public?" -quote

I go there every so often and admire it, made me realize that humanity needs places that have been untouched by industry

picrel hiking news

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What ur take on picrel hiking news, /out/?