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What is there to do here?
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I made it guys, I'm a completely unsupervised degenerate in the woods

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>employer provided housing
>alone 24/7
>job consists of just being here, holding down the fort
>no idea how the fuck I got the job, took 3 interviews
>job listing was shady af
>no rent, utilities, saving a ton on gas
>paychecks mailed
>no schedule or reporting in besides once a week email
>boss is some rich mofo I haven't seen in months
>he pays for whatever tools and stuff I say I need for work or living
>location consists of several acres of hilly forest terrain, a few mysteriously furnished but otherwise empty houses, a few old decaying structures, and some kind of community room
>probably some kind of cult location... nice
>can do anything I want anywhere at any time, hue
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>hey bro you should buy a new electric car, don't you know it will save the planet

You have two flares.

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You have two flares.

Does /out/ sling?

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Slingshot/sling thread
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Recent /out/ experiences

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ITT: We talk about our most recent /out/ experiences whether it be hiking, fishing, forest exploring, etc.

I'll go first. About three days ago me and a friend went to our local creek and kept following the creek upwards. We eventually came across a gigantic lake that forms into the rivers that lead to the creek. There was a dam that was basically preventing the whole lake from spilling into the series of rivers. We crossed over the small river flowing from the dam and found a series of horse/dirt bike paths. We followed the paths until we found a much larger lake that had chairs, a gazebo, and a not-fully-constructed zip line (pic rel). Anyways we save the location's coordinates on google maps and plan to return again.

Fast forward to today, we go again and bring another friend to show the two lakes we found. When we get up to the second and much larger lake again we come across abandoned canoes. So we hop in and paddle our way to the opposite side of the lake while seeing beavers swim far away from us. We go to the other side of the lake, walk around, and then get back in the canoe and paddle back. Rain started to downpour on us, but it was still an amazing experience.

So what did you guys do recently?

P.S. sorry for crappy android phone quality.
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ITT: /out/ albums

pic VERY related
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Magazines / Print Media

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What sort magazines or other print media does /out/ read?

I'm mostly interested in a resurgence of indie outdoors publications catering to backpackers or covering general "mountain culture", like Mountain Gazette (, which is a reboot of a 70's magazine (some say the first "counter-cultural" outdoor magazine, i.e. that wasn't geared towards hunting / fishing -type content), or the forthcoming Trails Magazine (, which I guess is trying to recapture the vibes of 80s-90's era Backpacker magazine (before it became a low-quality shitfest of listicles and adverts masquerading as gear reviews).

I managed to pick up a bunch of physical issues of original 70's-era Mountain Gazette. There are neat pieces in some by the likes of Edward Abbey, and adverts for some of the giants of outdoor gear back when they were just out of some guy's garage.

Alpinist ( is cool too, but more geared towards climbers.

What other stuff like is worth picking up? Trying to find stuff that isn't just full of gear reviews and ads (so like, not Backpacker, or Outside, etc... FFS I just went an looked at outside and they have a fucking article reviewing Mountain Dew).