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What's a good compass?
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>I go /out/ anywhere i want.
>I don't have to find a hideout place, like (You)
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Truly OTG living space

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If you were going to live OTG in America, and I mean truly OTG with your own custom-built house, your own water source, your own food, everything you might need out in the middle of nowhere, where would you go?
It seems like the eastern seaboard is off limits to OTGers. Everything there is already owned by someone. If there was going to be a place that could truly be called "wilderness" nowadays it would be somewhere out in the west, probably in the Rockies or the desert.
What do you guys think? Where would you go, what would you do? Are there any existing communities like this that aren't psycho new age cults?

Going to go caving this weekend for the first time

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Anyone here done it before? What should I bring? I am already bringing:

Spare batteries in multiple ziplocks
two spare flashlights
A large durable drawstring backpack
Trail runners
A wetsuit
A jacket
Compression pants and shirt to wear as extra warm layers
Piss bottle
Poop canister

Anything else I am missing?
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Out jobs?

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What are some good outdoor related jobs that don't require a degree in the relevant field?

Brit/out/ End of summer edition

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Did you have a nice summer?
Lets share comfy stories and pictures from this summer
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Who here is worm farming? I realised a standard backyard is not big enough for anything else.
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How much do I have to spend to get started fishing?
>t. third worlder with no money

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Is farming sheep profitable in the southern states? I hear there's not really a market for it, which is sad.
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Crossing Adam's Bridge

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Never posted on this board before but this is a specifically retarded question so I will need you guys.

There is this 30 mile long chain of natural limestone shoals separating continental India from the island of Lanka called Adam's bridge. The sea in the area rarely exceeds 3 feet in depth as the whole thing used to be a fully unsubmerged land bridge connecting to Lanka.

It's on my bucket list to cross this thing on foot by hiking and swimming so do you guys think I could do it?
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